Our Top 10 Self Care Practices

How you love yourself, is how you teach others to love you.
– Rupi Kaur

If we can take anything from 2020 (there’s a lot, we know), it’s that health is wealth. Taking care of ourselves– giving ourselves permission to rest, to take that bath, to sit in quiet– is non-negotiable. So this season of love, we ask that you celebrate YOU. Celebrate the ups and downs, the resilience and the tiniest of victories. Go ahead and give yourself some roses this holiday. You deserve only the best.

Man and woman looking at each other while holding Moroccan Rose deodorant

Part of the self care journey is making it a practice, a healthy habit. Start with small, easy-to-do things that make surprisingly big impacts on your wellbeing. One of the easiest things you can do is to find moments of pause during times when you might otherwise be on autopilot. For example, applying deodorant in the morning! We may be partial to this step in our daily routines, but truly, using this moment to "stop and smell the roses" is simple yet totally effective. 

Gentle formula for your sensitive skin, vegan for your lifestyle. Like a fresh garden rose, this scent is both delicate and intense; combining ripe plum notes and soft, spicy undertones.

We know how important it is to have a sensitive skin option in your favorite scent. That's why we formulated Moroccan Rose to join our Vegan and Sensitive Skin lineup! In our sensitive skin line, we switched out the baking soda for magnesium hydroxide— a naturally occurring compound that is tough on odor, but has a gentle pH. To make this formula vegan, we replaced beeswax with wild-harvested candelilla wax.

people holding Moroccan Rose deodorant

Our Team’s Top Ten Self Care Practices

    • Spending time in nature - whether it’s hiking, tending to your garden, hot-springing, or just sitting and soaking up a beautiful sunset - nature really is the best medicine.

    • Meditation - such a potent practice for tuning into the present moment and our own inner voice.

    • CBD - CBD is well known for its powerful properties when applied topically, and we’re ALL about it. That’s why we formulated these amazing products:
    • Baths - who doesn’t love a good bath?! Optimize the experience with candles and chocolate!

    • Cooking yummy and wholesome food - food that tastes good AND makes you feel good is a win-win! Here’s a desert combo we love:
    • Quality time with people that we love - there’s nothing like spending time with people who love and support you no matter what to lift your spirits and inspire you!

    • Movin’ those bones - our team loves moving our bodies to plow through stagnant energy! Yoga, climbing, skiing, basketball, running - it’s all self care to us!

    • Journaling - another powerful tool for moving through emotions and calling in more of what you want in your life!

Our Moroccan Rose scent is now available in two of our deodorant formulas: Original, Vegan & Sensitive Skin, as well as our nourishing Lip Balm.

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