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Bergamot & Ginger

Any Earl Grey drinkers out there? You’ll recognize the spicy, citrusy aroma of bergamot from this distinctive tea. Paired with ginger it’s the perfect combo of warm and fresh to brighten your day.


Black Spruce

With the airy freshness of a forest just after it rains, this scent is warm, sweet and floral with a hint of sea spray and wet earth, finished off with a spicy musk.


Forbidden Tonka Bean

While reminiscent of cinnamon, vanilla, saffron and cloves, it smells exactly like none of those things making it an alluring aroma that it is subtle and mysterious.


Geranium & Vetiver

Imagine you're walking through a garden, surrounded by a complex smoky, earthy scent. This blend is fresh and floral, and just a little bit musky.


Lavender & Holy Basil

If you like the light smell of lavender with a side of spicy and sweet herbal notes, you’ll love this scent. It’s refreshing and calming all at once.


Moroccan Rose

Like a garden rose just after it's been watered, this scent is fresh, warm and sweet. Both delicate and intense, it combines ripe plum notes and soft spicy undertones.


Mountain Lavender

Infused with lavender grown at high elevation, this light floral scent smells like you’re hiking through a field of lavender. This isn’t your ordinary lavender scent, it’s elevated.


Patchouli & Copal

This is patchouli done right. All-natural essential oils give this blend a clean, earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet aroma.


Palo Santo Frankincense

This distinctive scent was inspired by and created for Donavon Frankenreiter. With sensual, woodsy aromatics and a hint of sweet tonka bean, this alluring scent is subtle and mysterious.


Pine & Cedarwood

There's something so nostalgic about this woodsy scent. The evergreen blend is both soothing and uplifting, like a breath of fresh forest air.


Star Anise & Palmarosa

Created for Troian Bellisario, this intriguing scent is a grounding blend of palmarosa and patchouli uplifted by the alpine sharpness of fir balsam. The enchanting sweetness of star anise is at once familiar and yet subtly exotic.


Sweet Orange & Cinnamon

Our limited edition seasonal scent will envelop you with cozy winter nostalgia. This unique blend of five essential oils contains bottom notes of fresh cinnamon and top notes of robust citrus.


Texas Cedarwood & Grapefruit

For outdoorsy-types who want a little spring in their step, this rustic cedar scent with a hint of energizing citrus is a must-have for your morning routine.


Ylang Ylang

A soft, yet robust floral scent with hints of powdery honeysuckle and exotic fruit. It has a deep clove spice hint that is balanced nicely with an airy freshness.


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