Our Humble Journal

New Mexico Day Trips: Abiquiú
Hop on in and join us on an adventure to the sweeping, dramatic landscape of Abiquiú, New Mexico.
Men, What's on Your Pits?
Hey Guys, what’s your morning routine? Wake up, shower, brush teeth, and grab your antiperspirant? We get it. 
Our Scent Creation Process
There's more than meets the eye (and nose!) when it comes to our scents. Learn why.
Why We Love Lemongrass & Sage
The latest addition to our Original Formula deodorant is a must-have for summer.
What (Our Humble) Men Want
We surveyed our male in-house team to find out which gender-neutral scent(s) they love to use every morning.
Creating Space with Black Outside, Inc.
Humble Brands is a proud supporter of Black Outside, Inc. and their healing-centered outdoor programming.
A 4-Ingredient Immune-Boosting Tea
We found one of our new favorite ingredients can also serve you well in an immune-boosting tea. Get the recipe.
Our Top 10 Self Care Practices

We're celebrating self love with a new addition to our Vegan & Sensitive Skin line.  


Supporting Together We Rise

Our new scent, in partnership with Troian Bellisario, helps support kids in foster care.

Sensitive Skin? No Problem.
Why your other natural deodorant is not so sensitive on sensitive skin.
5 Foods to Nourish Dry Winter Skin
Lathering on lotion isn't the only way to moisturize parched winter skin.
Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe
A seasonally-inspired cheesecake is one way to show your gratitude this holiday season.
Why You Should Be Using Natural Deodorant
Check out our top tips for what to look for and what to avoid.
Homemade Organic Brown Sugar + Pumpkin Facial Scrub
Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Get that amazing autumn vibe in your skincare too!
How to Detox Your Armpits
You've switched to all-natural deodorant, but you kinda stink. Here's what's going on.
Path to Prevention with Keep A Breast
We are proud to support the education and breast cancer prevention initiatives.
Homemade Aloe Vera Face Wash
Haven't found a cleanser that's kind to your sensitive skin? Make one!
Let's Talk About Anxiety Sweat
Not all sweat is the same. Here's why stress really stinks.
Natural Immune Support with Elderberry
Need an immunity boost? One of our family favorites is elderberry juice.
Providing Access to Clean Water
Charity: Water helps bring life's most previous resource to the people of Mali.
Natural Skin Care for Pregnant Mothers
Stretch marks and dry skin and acne, oh my! We share our favorite pregnancy-safe brands.