Deodorant for Kids: Is it Safe?

When you’re young and getting acquainted with all the changes that occur through puberty, we completely understand feeling uncomfortable with everything from sweat and stink to the conversations around the topic itself.

Sweat and body odor are part of being human. Sweating is a function of our body’s built-in cooling system. Off-putting odors can occur when perspiration mixes with bacteria on your skin. It’s all normal and natural. But it’s also natural to feel self-conscious about sweat and B.O.

We want to normalize these bodily functions and begin to dispel the stigmas associated with them. Plus, we have some pretty amazing products that are safe for all ages and skin types that help keep us feeling and smelling fresh.

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When should kids start wearing deodorant?

For most, puberty begins between 9 and 14 years of age1. During this transitional time, body hair emerges, acne may pop up, and body odor becomes a little more perceptible. This is a great time to help your child build good hygiene habits and may be the right time for them to start wearing deodorant. Talk to them about the changes they’re experiencing and remind them it’s completely natural.

Why should I choose aluminum free deodorant for my kids?

Some deodorants and antiperspirants contain toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances and can block the body’s natural process of sweating. Young people’s bodies are still developing, and their skin and bodies can be sensitive. Starting your kids out on aluminum free deodorant care can teach them to make more healthy choices about what to put in and on their bodies as they grow up.

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Are Humble Brands products safe for the whole family?

Humble products are made with simple, effective ingredients and are safe for the whole family. “Nothing Bad” is more than just our slogan, it’s our promise. You will never find aluminum, alcohol, parabens, dyes, or artificial fragrance in any of our products.

Our deodorants are made with the simplest set of natural ingredients. What’s more, our products are Certified Cruelty-free, meaning they’re only tested on humans. We also have vegan options.

Where to start

Underarm skin is some of the most sensitive on your body. For the youngest adolescents who are new to wearing deodorant, we recommend starting with our Vegan & Sensitive Skin Formula. Non-GMO cornstarch helps keep underarms dry and fractionated coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes. Magnesium hydroxide, a naturally occurring mineral, is extra gentle on skin and highly effective at neutralizing odor. Wild-harvested candelilla wax is a vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax that helps the deodorant go on smoothly with no mess.

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Are Humble Brands scents appropriate for young people?

We are serious about good scents. Learn more about our scent creation process here. Our scents are made using only pure essential oils and botanical extracts. We never use artificial fragrances. Humble Brands scents are inspired by nature and subtle enough to be completely appropriate for young people. 

Additionally, our deodorants will leave your underarms smelling great, but will not overpower other personal scents you may wear. We also make an unscented option in both our Original Formula and Vegan & Sensitive Skin Formulas.

How does body chemistry affect the way a scent smells?

Everyone goes through different hormonal and chemical changes. This is part of what we call our “chemistry”. The way a scent interacts with your natural chemistry will vary from person to person. This can change depending on hormone fluctuations, stress levels, and even what you eat. You can learn more about choosing the right scent for your body here. Young people tend to go through a lot of hormonal changes as they mature. Certain scents that once “worked” with their chemistry may change. When this happens, we encourage you to try another scent.

There’s no rule that you have to stick with just one scent, even for deodorant. Choosing different scents for different moods is just another way to keep things fresh.

Involve your child in selecting their scent or scents. They can try a range of scents from the comfort of home with our Discovery Kit, which includes 11 travel sizes.

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What deodorant scents do kids like?

We asked the Director of Product Development, Kristen Moore, what her kids love. “My two sons, ages 18 and 13 have been using Humble for a while. My 18-year-old son likes Patchouli & Copal, and my younger son likes Mountain Lavender. My 9-year-old daughter loves to put the lavender and Ylang Ylang on her wrists just to smell nice, but honestly, I’ve been noticing she is starting to have a little underarm odor so I might suggest she try the lavender on her pits soon.”

What other healthy personal care habits can kids start?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, body odor happens when sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin. Keeping your underarms clean is an easy first step to managing the smell. Picking a natural soap is an excellent option.

In addition to building healthy habits, it’s important to help kids become aware of the changes happening inside and outside their bodies. It’s all new to them but something everyone goes through. It’s normal for kids to feel embarrassed or shy about talking to you about these changes. Always come from a place of compassion so your child knows they can come to you with questions.

Even before puberty starts, instilling kids with a consistent, but easy to follow morning and bedtime routine is key. Building these habits now will stick with them for a lifetime. Get them excited about developing good habits by letting them choose their scents. And create a safe space for them to open up about concerns or questions they have about their changing bodies. 


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