Our Humble Journal

DIY Beard Oil
Get a totally touchable beard with these simple ingredients and instructions.
Introducing Forbidden Tonka Bean
One of the Amazon rainforest's many gifts provides our positively transcendent new scent.
The Inspiration Behind Our Top-Selling Scent
The man, the myth, the legend, whose very essence inspired our Palo Santo & Frankincense scent.
Your Wellness Shot for Improved Digestion
If you listen, your body will tell you when it's ready for a little TLC. If it's time for a detox, give this a shot.
Homemade Chamomile Face Mist for Sensitive Skin
Chamomile. It's soothing properties extend beyond the enjoyment of a cup of tea.
Homemade Honey Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin
Our super sweet secret to smoother skin is hiding in your kitchen. Here's our super simple exfoliator recipe.
Homemade Rose Lavender Sensitive Skin Moisturizer
Making divine-smelling, skin-plumping moisturizer is easier than you think, and only requires 3 simple ingredients.
DIY Facial Steam for Any Kind of Skin
Give yourself an at-home spa experience with this essential oil enhanced facial steam recipe.
Homemade Coconut Honey Sensitive Skin Face Mask
Make this hydrating face mask with ingredients from your pantry. It's easy, quick, and great for even sensitive skin.
National Mammogram Day: 5 Things to Know for Your First Trip
This life-saving screening is an important part of proactive breast cancer prevention.
Homemade Turmeric Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin
It's a well-kept secret that this vibrantly-colored spice will leave your skin looking more vibrant too.
Better Energizers for Runners
Your body is a machine and it needs fuel to run. Literally! Instead of questionable energy gels, try these real food alternatives.
Homemade Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin
It's never too late to start a healthy sunscreen habit. We'll break down why it's essential to your skincare routine.
3 Healthy & Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes
All our favorite green smoothie recipes in place. These are delicious for breakfast or as a mid-day pick-me-up.
5 Delicious Foods with Natural Probiotics for Improved Gut Health
A balanced gut does the body good. We've compiled some probiotic-packed foods that are positively tasty too.