Why Sweating is Good for You - The Benefits of Sweating

Droplets trickling down your forehead on a summer day, wet underarms in a high-stakes meeting, a sweat-soaked shirt after a grueling workout—sweating, while often seen as an uncomfortable or embarrassing part of life, is as natural and essential as breathing. It’s something that should be celebrated. So why does it spur insecurity instead of being embraced for its benefits? Let’s dig in, and by the end we hope you’re feeling sweat savvy and proud of your perspiration.

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Unraveling the stigma around perspiration

We live in a society that tends to cast perspiration in a negative light, creating an unfair correlation between sweating and a lack of cleanliness or comfort. However, the reality is that sweat is an inherent and crucial part of our body's natural functioning.

While it may sometimes place us in awkward or uncomfortable situations, perspiration is an indicator that our body is operating precisely as it's meant to. So, rather than feeling embarrassed or trying to suppress sweat, let's set it free and start appreciating it.

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The natural miracle of sweating

So, why do we sweat? Sweating is our body's built-in cooling system. When we perspire, our body is actually performing a critical function to prevent us from overheating—which can lead to dangerous consequences.

How does sweating work?

When your body releases sweat, typically made up of water, salt, and small amounts of several other natural substances, it creates a cooling effect. This process is called evaporative cooling. Essentially, heat from your body is transferred to the sweat on your skin, where it evaporates, leaving you feeling much cooler1.

Sweating serves an important purpose and is a sign that our body is doing what it should to keep us healthy and comfortable.

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Sweating and skin health

Perspiration is also thought to benefit skin health. When you sweat, it brings moisture to the surface, as well as natural humectants, which naturally smooth and protect skin. It is also believed that some of these substances contain antimicrobial properties and may offer a defense against infection2.

Our body’s ability to cool, nourish, and protect itself is a beautiful testament to its intricacy and efficiency. So, the next time you notice those droplets of sweat, remember all the good things it’s doing for you inside and out.

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Boost your mood and mental health

Do you relish that sense of satisfaction and elation after a great sweat session at the gym? That's not a figment of your imagination—it's a genuine physiological response. When you're working up a sweat, your body starts to produce endorphins, also known as the 'happy hormones'. These natural mood-boosters work wonders to dissipate stress, revive your spirits, and even ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression3. So, each drop of sweat helps you feel healthier both physically and emotionally.

What about antiperspirants?

Developed in the early 1900s, antiperspirants work by using aluminum compounds, often in the form of salts, that dissolve into and plug your sweat glands, reducing the perspiration in the applied area. This prevents sweat from being secreted, sometimes for days at a time. While there is no research that indicates this is unsafe for healthy individuals, there has been a wave of public concern around the safety of aluminum in antiperspirants. In our opinion, if sweating provides so many wonderful benefits and is an essential bodily function, then why mess with it?

This conversation underlines the importance of considering natural alternatives that work in harmony with our body's processes, respecting the natural and beneficial phenomenon of sweating. Learn more about the differences between antiperspirant and deodorant.

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Choose the right products for sweat care

Just because you’ve decided to embrace the natural marvel of perspiration, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling fresh. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and a variety of aluminum free deodorants are available that honor our body's processes and help you smell great and feel your best.

When hunting for the perfect deodorant, lean towards those with a simple ingredient list. Steer clear of antiperspirants and harsh chemicals that could disrupt your body's natural sweat process. Learn more about which ingredients to look for and which to avoid. As a conscious consumer, seek out brands that prioritize sustainability, not just in their carefully curated ingredients but in their mission as a company.

Mindful choices allow us to cherish perspiration while also caring for our planet—it’s a win-win.

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Our humble pro-perspiration mission

Humble Brands was created as a pro-perspiration, anti-antiperspirant option for anyone prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. We embrace sweat with products that don’t interfere with our body’s natural processes. Our simple ingredients are selected for their ability to absorb excess moisture and neutralize odor. What’s more, our scented products are crafted with pure essential oils and botanically-based fragrances to help you smell amazing and feel confident. Find out more about the ingredients for our two deodorant formulas.

It is our vision that society adopts a more positive perspective on sweating, appreciating the benefits and celebrating every drip, droplet, and sweat-soaked shirt.


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