Why You Should Be Using Natural Deodorant

Congratulations on deciding to live a cleaner lifestyle. You won’t regret it. An easy place to start is by switching to all natural deodorant, like Humble Brands. Say goodbye to toxic parabens, aluminum, alcohols, and dyes. Your armpits certainly won’t miss them.

If you're having trouble figuring out what to look for in a natural deodorant, here are some helpful tips:  


All-natural isn't always all good

There’s plenty of bad stuff in conventional deodorants, but surprisingly, there are also things you want to avoid when switching to an all-natural deodorant.


Parabens are one of the most common ingredients in most cosmetic products, including deodorant. It’s not proven that parabens cause breast cancer, but the fact that they’re linked is enough to be concerned. 


You've probably seen aluminum listed on mainstream brand deodorants. It's a common antiperspirant. It works by clogging sweat ducts and temporarily stops sweat flow. Like parabens, aluminum gets absorbed by your skin and can mimic estrogen cells, which can cause breast cancer. 


Be wary of any natural deodorants that list antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is a chemical that prevents your body from sweating. Antiperspirants work by clogging your pores with chemicals like aluminum to keep you from sweating. 


Often found in beauty care products, phthalates hamper your body’s natural ability to control odor and bacteria. 

Propylene glycol

For example, some brands consider propylene glycol to be “natural,” but it’s really not. Like the chemicals it’s supposed to replace, there are health risks associated with propylene glycol and similar chemicals.


A known carcinogen when it contains asbestiform fibers, talc is currently unregulated in cosmetic products, so it’s impossible to know whether a product contains asbestiform fibers.


Typically found in car washes, garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers,  and shampoos (yuck), sulfates are responsible for that squeaky-clean feel, but can also strip away your skin of its natural oils.


Choosing the right natural deodorant

The key to selecting the right all-natural deodorant is the ingredient’s list. You want a safe, natural deodorant that achieves maximum effect, with the least amount of ingredients. We've complied a best of list. Many of these ingredients you might even have in your kitchen. That's right, You know something's safe when it's good enough to eat. Here’s what to look for:


If you’ve ever been sunburned, you’ve probably heard of aloe. It’s natural, effective, and wonderful.

Arrowroot Powder

This little miracle powder is a great moisture absorbing agent.

Baking Soda

Probably the most effective, safe ingredient in neutralizing odors and absorbing moisture. However, be aware that though baking soda allergies are rare, but they happen. That's why we make a sensitive skin line of deodorants that are baking soda free.

Coconut Oil

If there’s something coconut oil can’t do, when haven’t found it yet. Coconut oil moisturizes, soothes irritated skin, and is anti-microbial.

Corn Starch

It's not just for thickening soups and sauces. Corn starch naturally absorbs moisture in a clean and natural way.

Essential Oils

The safest method for adding natural fragrance to deodorant.

Kaolin Clay

A centuries old moisture-absorbing agent that is known to be gentle, yet effective.

Witch Hazel

Often found in products for acne-prone skin, witch hazel helps shrink pores (instead of clogging them) to reduce sweating in your pits.

Zinc Oxide

A gentle mineral and anti-microbial ingredient, zinc oxide keeps your pits clean. Just make sure it's listed as “non-nano zinc" to ensure the particles aren't small enough to penetrate the skin. 


If an all-natural deodorant has some combination of these ingredients, you’re in the right place. Keep an eye out for any long, weird-sounding names, if you don't recognize the word, chances are this ingredient is anything but natural.

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