Top Aluminum Free Deodorant Myths Busted!

You want to make the switch to aluminum free deodorant but heard some things that have you hesitating. We get it! There’s a lot of information circulating about the ethers. Some of it is true, and some of it not so much. If you’re new to aluminum free deodorant, we’re glad you’re here and taking a minute to learn more about what it does and does not do.

Here are the top aluminum free deodorant myths busted and explained:

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Myth #1: Aluminum free deodorants don’t stop the stink.

False. Probably the most common misconception about aluminum free deodorant is that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do—deodorize. We’ve even heard folks say they make you smell worse! While we can’t speak for every aluminum free deodorant maker out there, we can confirm that our ingredients, selected for their efficacy and performance, do combat body odor. One caveat for conventional deodorant users switching to aluminum free deodorant for the first time, you will smell more like yourself because your body's processes won't be inhibited. As we like to say, you get to smell like yourself, but better!

How Humble Brands' deodorant works:

The ingredients baking soda (in our Original Formula) and magnesium hydroxide (in our Vegan & Sensitive Skin Formula) have odor-neutralizing properties. They are highly effective options for minimizing the smell caused by perspiration mixing with the bacteria on your skin. In combination with botanically-derived scents, like essential oils and plant extracts, you will smell nothing short of amazing.

The bottom line: There are deodorants that work to neutralize odor with simple, often gentler ingredients. Subtle, botanical scents work with your body chemistry to help you smell your best.

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Myth #2: Aluminum free deodorants don’t keep you dry.

False. However, deodorants don’t contain antiperspirants, so our notion of “dry” is a little different. Being 100% dry isn’t actually ideal because sweating is your body’s natural way of cooling itself. Perspiring helps your body properly cool down after an intense workout or on a hot day. Antiperspirants block sweat from exiting pores, inhibiting this fundamental human process.

Now that we’re on the same page, don’t think we’re going to leave you high and dry… ‘er wet. No one wants to be a sweaty mess. Ingredients like corn starch and baking soda are highly effective at absorbing moisture.

The bottom line: Aluminum free deodorants let your body perform its natural cooling process and keep you feeling fresh.

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Myth #3: Aluminum free deodorants irritate your skin.

False. Aluminum free deodorants are not more likely to cause skin irritation than their conventional counterparts. In fact, they’re probably less likely, as the ingredients were made in nature, not in a lab. But one size does not fit all. Like any body care products, deodorants are available in an array of formulas, so there are options to suit your specific body chemistry and skincare needs.

For example, while baking soda is an incredibly effective natural odor absorbing and moisture wicking ingredient, some people experience skin sensitivity. Magnesium hydroxide is a gentler alternative that provides the same fresh benefits.

The bottom line: Always check the ingredients list of any new body care product for potential skin irritants. If you’re unsure of whether your skin will react, look for product lines made with a simple set of ingredients you’re familiar with. When available, start with a trial or travel size to test it out. Shop our travel size deodorants.

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Myth #4: You have to reapply aluminum free deodorant more than regular deodorant.

False. If you’re one who typically likes to reup on your deodorant several times a day, then whether you’re using conventional or an aluminum free deodorant won’t make a difference in your habits. As covered in number myth #2 above, sweating is a normal part of your body’s cooling process. Embrace your sweat, but if you want to reapply, there’s no harm in it. And if you’re like us and enjoy the transportive scents of essential oils, then you might enjoy a few extra swipes throughout the day.

The bottom line: There is no need to apply aluminum free deodorant more frequently than regular deodorant. However, if you’re used to antiperspirants, which prevent sweating, then you may not be used to feeling perspiration on your underarms and wish to reapply.

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Myth #5: Aluminum free deodorant ingredients aren’t really better for you.

False. While there is little research confirming conventional deodorants are harmful (though there is certainly room for more human studies to be done), here’s some perspective. Many aluminum free deodorant ingredients, like the ones in Humble Brands deodorants, are often found in your kitchen and are good enough to eat. This totally depends on the brand, but can you say that about any conventional sticks? Yuck, right?

For fun, let’s compare our Original Formula ingredients against a conventional women’s antiperspirant:

Humble Brands Original Formula Deodorant

  • MCT oil
  • Baking soda
  • Non-GMO corn starch
  • Beeswax

A Leading Conventional Antiperspirant

  • Talc
  • Aluminum salts
  • Petrolatum
  • Propylene glycol
  • Dimethicone
  • & More

As always, whether you're buying conventional deodorant or aluminum free deodorant, always check the label and do your research. Just because an ingredient is natural, doesn’t make it inherently safe or good for you. If you’re concerned about an ingredient’s impact on your body, we recommend looking it up in the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep database to learn about its functions and potential concerns.

The bottom line: Not every natural ingredient is safe. It’s more important to research a brand’s mission and practices, verify their ingredients, and make the call for yourself.

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Myth #6: The detox when switching from conventional to aluminum free deodorant isn't worth it.

False. It’s a completely manageable (and very worthwhile). So have no fear! When you switch from a product that contains aluminum (which inhibits sweating) or other ingredients that mess with your natural processes, your body needs a chance to reset.

Until your body fully adjusts, you may experience extra perspiration (as your body re-regulates how much sweat to produce), and slightly stinkier sweat (as your underarm microbiome re-balances and your body calculates how to manage bacteria).

If you’re concerned about the process, check out our tips on how to detox your armpits, which help make the transition less intimidating and quite enjoyable.

The bottom line: Switching to an aluminum free deodorant is a reasonable and worthwhile investment for long term health.

With these insights, we hope you have renewed confidence in moving forward with your switch away from conventional deodorant or antiperspirant. There is so much joy in doing something good for your body. If you have any concerns or questions that weren’t addressed here, give us a shout! We’d love to connect with you.

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