New Mexico Day Trips: High Road Through Chimayo

Hop in for a trip on the high road from the town of Taos through a sacred, spiritual place where religious traditions thrive, stunning landscapes delight, and authentic New Mexican fares satisfy.

Our unofficial Humble Brands tour guide, Marisa, takes us on another stunning, scenic drive rich with history and, of course, a delectable lunch at one of her favorite authentic New Mexican restaurants in the state.

Leaving town, take road 518 through Talpa and find yourself immersed in lush groves of Pinon and Juniper. The unique minimalism of traditional New Mexican architecture is both inspiring and comforting as you pass through charming, small towns with quaint, historic churches.

Stop #1: Santuario de Chimayo

The highlight of this drive is the Santuario de Chimayo. A national historic landmark, this beautiful adobe church receives nearly 300,000 annual visitors and is referred to as “the most important Catholic pilgrimage center in the U.S.'' Visit “el Pocito”, a small room near the altar and scoop “sacred earth” from an open hole in the stone floor. This “holy dirt” is believed to have healing powers. Experience the unique and grounding sense of calm beneath the fragrant, sweeping catalpa trees.

Santuario De Chimayo

Stop #2: El Paragua

Hungry? I’m ready for a burrito. El Paragua in Espanola is always my go-to stop for the best authentic New Mexican food. A true delight for your senses, this rustic establishment boasts exposed beams, terra-cotta floors, festive accents, and typically someone making corn tortillas by hand. The smell is intoxicating! If you like spicy, homemade food brimming with personality and flavor, El Paragua will not disappoint.

El Paragua

Stop #3: Santa Fe

Now that you’ve had your recommended dose of green chiles and maybe a delicious margarita, continue on to Santa Fe and enjoy the rest of your day touring museums, walking through galleries, and enjoying some great shopping in the city plaza. This little day trip from Taos through Chimayo and on to Santa Fe will give you a great idea of why this region of the country is considered truly enchanting.

Santa Fe Downtown

A trip along the high road from Taos to Santa Fe is definitely worth your time. There’s a reason why they call this place “The Land of Enchantment'' and we’re happy you’re ready to explore our home state. Happy travels, and don't forget to bring your Humble Brands!

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