Natural Immune Support with Elderberry

Let's talk immune support. Even when we're not in a pandemic, every fall, as the air starts to cool we all get a little anxious about cold and flu season. If you're feeling a little rundown, you might enjoy the antioxidant-rich benefits of the amazing elderberry.

Here at Humble Brands HQ, we have four huge and thriving Elderberry trees that produce a tremendous amount of fruit. Our team, including co-founder Jennifer and son Calvin, loves harvesting the berries each September for canning and freezing. While the raw fruit is actually poisonous, proper preparation yields a safe and delicious juice.

Fresh elderberry juice

Elderberries are especially rich in Vitamin C and touted for their incredible immune-supporting properties. Don't have your own trees? No problem. Elderberry juice is found in most health food stores. Give it a try on its own or as a syrup added to tea or coffee.

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