Making a Difference: How our Humble Brands Team Lives Sustainably

As some of you may know, April is Earth Month! And although it can seem overwhelming to live a completely eco-friendly lifestyle, here at Humble Brands, we think it’s super important to incorporate small, sustainable actions into our daily lives all year long. So brew up some local, organic tea in your reusable mug and get cozy while we share some of our team’s favorite ways to make a difference!

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“I only do two to three full loads of laundry once a month with bio-friendly laundry soap and avoid softeners and dryer sheets. All my laundry is also air dried.”

- Chris, V.P. of Operations


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“I buy most of my clothes, furniture and household items secondhand and prioritize buying local food. I also volunteer at a community farm to support our local food systems and plant native flowers in my garden to support pollinators.”

- Calli, Photographer & Social Media Manager


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“I love to get crafty and creative by upcycling and repurposing old objects that aren’t serving me anymore!” 

- Marisa, Communications & Brand Partnerships Manager 


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"We try to purchase only locally grown produce to help reduce our carbon footprint and compost our food waste. We also converted to LED lights throughout our home to help reduce our electrical use.”

- Brandon, Chief Financial Officer


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“We recycle and repurpose everything we can in our household. My boys and I also limit our use of water with five minute showers every other day.” 

- Eloy, Production


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“My wife and I keep a simple wardrobe and most of our kids' clothes are hand-me-downs from friends. We always pass along the hand-me-downs once our kids have outgrown them or donate items that we no longer need.”

- Eric, Director of Operations


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“I pick up trash. From roads, trails, sidewalks. Anywhere trash drops, I'll pick it up.” 

- Ryan, Human Resources


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“I regularly attend permaculture classes and tree planting days at local land trusts, parks, and farms. I am a soil, food, and farming advocate and my water use is very limited.”

- Glen, Production 


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  • Kate

    I truly feel that Mother Earth is one of my best friends. I try to love and honor her every day. Recycling, conserving water, composting, planting have been things I have been doing for decades. More recently within the past 5 years or so I have become a conscientious consumer, love and work a part time job at a consignment store and try to spread the word to others about ways we can and should chip in to reduce our carbon footprint. Happy Earth Month everyone 🌍 Cheers to celebrating her each and every day!

  • Jeremy Lamm

    Living minimalistically and reducing my waste by not over buying

  • Tori Cutrell

    I have recently begun changing my lifestyle to a low-tox lifestyle, and in the process I have also kept my carbon footprint in mind!
    So I have stopped with all disposable plates/bowls/forks/spoons and straws! I now use metal straws and mason jars.
    My dad and I have made a compost bin out of an old metal container that belongs to my late uncle. We plan to use the compost in our garden this year!
    I am making my own insect repellant this year with essential oils- no more DEET!
    I’m currently saving money to buy a Berkey for our home instead of large plastic water containers. And absolutely no more plastic bottles!
    My family and I enjoy bonfires on the weekends, so if we receive any boxes from shipments, we use those in our fire (given that they are fire friendly) instead of sending them to landfill.
    And lastly and more importantly, I live in a very small town that does not take recycling, so I have taken it upon myself to bag up my recyclables and make sure they are recycled! 🙂💚

  • JC

    I regularly donate clothes and other items. I walk to my local grocery store instead of driving, and buy only what I can carry. I recycle whenever possible. And my partner was born on earth day, so it’s even more special to us!

  • Victoria Brooke

    Always making a conscious effort to know where my waste will go and who it will affect. Humans are not the only ones living on this beautiful earth ✌💛🌿🌺🌻🌼

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