4 Ways to Feel Fresh on your Period with Natracare

Real talk, when that special time comes around, you may not be feeling your best. The truth is, sometimes periods can be messy, but they aren’t dirty! This is one of many taboos our friends at Natracare strive to dismantle—and we couldn’t be more on board! Periods are normal, gender-neutral, and perfectly okay. Yet this doesn’t mean menstrual cycles don’t come with their own annoying and uncomfortable symptoms that can leave you feeling not-your-freshest self. 

So we asked our buds at Natracare to share their favorite ways to feel fresh on your period!

Change Your Period Products Often

In addition to protecting your body from Toxic-Shock Syndrome (TSS), changing your period products often also helps maintain menstrual hygiene and prevents period leaks. This can help you feel confident and fresh when you’re out on the town!  To dive deeper, check out Natracare’s blog: How often should you change your period products 

intimate wipes

Natracare Intimate Wipes

These plastic-free, organic, and compostable intimate wipes are great for on-the-go, especially when you need to change your pad or tampon and the flimsy public bathroom toilet paper just isn’t cutting it. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but periods can get messy, so a little extra love for the outside of your vagina can help you feel fresh and clean.

 woman smelling Moroccan Rose deodorant

Humble Brands Plastic Free Deodorant

Hormone fluctuations can affect how much you sweat and your body odor. Good deodorant is key to feeling fresh all day long Humble Brands aluminum free deodorant is the best at it with the most unique, refreshing scents that offer lasting protection with simple, effective ingredients. In life—and during our menstrual cycles—it’s the little things that help us feel our best throughout the day. Humble Brands products are subtly scented with essential oils and botanical extracts to give you a moment of zen as you get ready each morning. A fan favorite is Palo Santo & Frankincense, which blends sensual woodsy aromatics with a hint of sweetness for a super soothing scent.

 flowers and underwear

Dispose of Your Period Products Properly (and Hygienically)

If you’re using disposable pads or tampons, it’s important to dispose of them properly (and hygienically). The main thing: do not flush them! This is because they can cause fatbergs which can be very harmful to our water system and the planet. Instead, wrap them in the wrapper or toilet paper and toss them in the bin. If you are using Natracare’s plastic-free and organic period products, you can compost them to further reduce your eco-footprint. Because what’s fresher than being kind to mother nature? 

Give yourself some extra TLC during that special time of the month simple, effective products that bring a little love to your underarms and are gentler on the planet. 

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