Creating Space with Black Outside, Inc.

In our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we were introduced to the work of Black Outside, Inc. and their incredible lineup of healing-focused and nature-driven programming. Black Outside is a non-profit organization that supports Black youth in exploration, appreciation for and growth through nature.

I never thought I would see places like this or ever do things like this with people that look like me and now all I want to do is keep exploring more...
– Darious

Darious Blog

Darious was one of Black Outside, Inc's first participants and today serves as a guide & mentor for youth currently enrolled in Black Outside, Inc programs. 

Black Outside has created a truly inspiring set of programs that allow for the celebration of Black joy in the outdoors. The real magic happens when youth can spend uninterrupted time in nature communing with their peers and experiencing new passion and confidence in the natural world.

Camp Founder Girls

One of Black Outside’s proudest achievements was the revival of America’s first historically Black summer camp for girls. Anchored in the pillars of bravery, creativity, courage, and strength, today Camp Founder Girls provides Black/African-American campers a space to explore nature and themselves while experiencing the joys of summer.
Camp Founder Girls Tug of WarPhoto by Ocotillo Films

The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project

The CR Bloom Project is a healing justice program for youth of incarcerated families. Through communal events and culturally relevant environmental education, the program helps youth develop communal healing practices by reconnecting them with nature through experiences like meditative hikes, camping, community gardening and healing circles. The CR Bloom Project envisions a world where youth have access to the resources and support they need to bloom to their full potential, and create a sense of agency to become leaders in their communities and the world.

Bloom Project

Humble is proud to amplify, collaborate with and donate to assist in creating safe and fulfilling outdoor spaces for youth through The Black Outside, Inc programs. To learn more about how you can help sustain and promote change through these projects check out Black Outside’s website.

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