What to Gift Mom for Mother's Day

We all have a lot on our minds this year. All at once, time stands still and time speeds up. If we've come to understand anything about 2020, it's to expect the unexpected. BUT HERE WE ARE! It’s May, and Mother’s Day is around the corner.

Mother figures come in all forms. And we celebrate each and every one– moms, wives, sisters, best friends, dog moms, cat moms, even plant moms. We see you, and we love you! 

Acknowledge the mom in your life with a gift that smells just as wonderful as a bouquet of roses, but lasts much longer, and will leave her smelling like the rose she is day in and day out. There's no better gift for busy moms than a moment of self-care, even if it’s right before they walk out the door.

Making Moroccan Rose

When developing our newest scent, Moroccan Rose, we tested and deliberated over other rose-scented products. We found that many of them were initially overpowering and then not able to withstand our daily activities. Finally, we found the perfect blend of floral essential oils to create our soft, rose-scented essence that stays with you all day. Humble Brands HQ is happy to share it with you and those flower-deserving people in your life.

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