Why We Love Lemongrass & Sage

Lemongrass & sage deodorant is here!

In celebration of the fun-in-the-sun weather the summer solstice anoints, we bring you Lemongrass & Sage in our Original Formula Deodorant. You may be familiar with this super fresh and clean duo from our CBD Comfort Bar. It’s the same amazing scent, now available for your underarm care.

Testing essential oils for a new scent blend

How did this scent come to be?

The origin story behind our lemongrass and sage blend is representative of the Humble Brands' process behind every scent’s creation. We love to exhaust possibilities, collaborate, never rush the process, and always leave room for serendipity. Each scent comes into being on its own time.

When our Scent Architect, Audra Rodgers, was asked to formulate a scent for a new CBD product, she knew she wanted something light, refreshing, and herbal. She trialed over 10 different essential oils and essential oil blends to determine the direction.

Lemongrass and sage were the frontrunners but were initially developed as two separate scents– a lemongrass comfort bar and a sage comfort bar. On a call with the product development crew, one of our team members put them both on at the same time. He raved about the result, so the rest of the team gave it a try. Everyone agreed the combination was epic. The decision was unanimous and lemongrass & sage was born.

Comfort bar held to the sky

From comfort bar to deodorant

As a trial, the team had made deodorant samples in lemongrass & sage but never sent them out to anyone. When the pandemic hit in 2020, all product launches, besides hand sanitizer, were put on hold so the deodorant samples went into the archives. Amid her annual spring cleaning the following year, Audra found those samples and they still smelled great. The timing couldn’t have been better as Audra and Director of Product Development Sunny Moore were looking for a 2021 summer scent. They both agreed it was the perfect fit.

Product developers Sunny and Audra smell a new scent sample.

What’s in a scent?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the transportive aromatics of lemongrass & sage, it’s worth trying sight unseen (er… scent unsmelled). Formulating a new scent blend for Humble Brands requires an experienced nose and a methodical approach, but also a great deal of intuition. Learn more about our scent creation process. Here’s how lemongrass and sage came to the forefront:

Selecting the lemongrass essential oil

In the process of crafting this scent blend, a range of citrus and citrus-like scents were considered. However, none were so perfectly suited than lemongrass. Lemon, for example, can get lost very easily and we knew we wanted a more impactful aromatic. Lemon verbena, on the other hand, is stronger but more pungent than we wanted. Lemongrass has the same bright and uplifting qualities of lemon and lemon verbena, but it also has an alluring sweetness, and aromatically speaking, takes flight.

The lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus) we chose is a wildcrafted essential oil from Nepal. For centuries, it has been used around the world to benefit the mind and body and continues to be used by aromatherapists today for relieving stress and anxiety.

Selecting the sage essential oil

On its own, lemongrass is quite powerful but paired with sage, also known for its potency, the dynamic is pure aromatic magic. Sage is grounding and warm. The ideal complement to balance the lifting sensation of the lemongrass.

Sage is considered to be sacred and healing by many cultures around the globe. Its botanical name (Salvia Officinalis) is derived from the Latin words “salvare” meaning “to heal” and “salvere” meaning “to be healthy”. The garden sage essential oil we selected has a familiar, fresh, herbaceous scent. This is the same type of sage used for culinary purposes. It differs slightly from white sage, which is commonly used for smudging.

Man holding Lemongrass and Sage deodorant and soap

Essential oils and the mind & body

The use of essential oils in our products taps into ancient herbal practices revered around the world. For millennia, humans have benefited from the healing power of plants. At Humble, we join time-honored traditions and wisdoms with modern-age innovations, technology, and science-based understanding. In our essential oil selection process, we prioritize thoughtful farming and processing which maximize and preserve the oils’ beneficial properties.

We are extremely mindful of what goes into each formula. Beyond creating a perfectly balanced scent, we look at all of the physiological and psychological effects of the ingredients. Does it have anti-inflammatory properties? Does it calm or soothe the skin? Our holistic approach takes time, but the result is a superior product and experience for the user.

You can find our lemongrass & sage scent in our new Original Formula deodorant and our CBD Comfort Bar.


Legal Disclaimer: All information provided is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be, nor should be interpreted as, medical advice, recommendation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician or other qualified health provider with questions you have regarding your health. Although every effort has been made to ensure the information published is accurate, Humble Brands accepts no responsibility or liability.  

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