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What a man wants, what a man needs.

We understand that scents are very personal. We often spend the time seeking a cologne or perfume that suits our taste. However, rarely is time spent on finding a signature smell that also neutralizes our body odor. Why not have the best of both worlds in one product– an aluminum free deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh throughout your busy day, but also suits your style as a long-lasting, yet understated scent.

At Humble Brands, we pride ourselves on our wide range of unisex scents - a collection of aluminum free deodorants that satisfy any aromatic preference and complement your own aroma.

We decided to survey our male in-house team to find out which gender-neutral scent(s) they love to use every morning.

Production team with peace signs

Eloy, Production

“I like the Bergamot & Ginger  and Star Anise & Palmarosa scents. The Bergamot & Ginger smells fruity and the Star Anise has a more masculine touch which I also like.”  

Chris, VP of Operations

“My faves are Star Anise & Palmarosa and Palo Santo & Frankincense. They perform well and I don’t have to worry. I love that I can use any and they all perform consistently.”

Scott, Production

“I prefer Vegan Unscented and it smells...well, like air...fresh air. :) I prefer the clean simplicity of it! It works great at work or play, especially when I’m active!”

Josiah, Production

Tonka Bean and Black Spruce are my favorite scents, they have a feeling of classiness, but also sweet and clean at the same time. Tonka Bean reminds me of warm vanilla. I love to use the Comfort Bar after the gym which, honestly, helps a lot with stress and soreness.”

Eric, Director of Operations

“I love many of the scents that we produce. There's a reason why we sell Palo Santo & Frankincense, Bergamot & Ginger, and Moroccan Rose by the thousands. When I'm choosing a deodorant for personal use though, I keep it simple. My go-to scent has always been Unscented Original Formula. I love it! What I've always appreciated about Humble deodorant is how well it works. I apply once a day and I'm good to go. I'm pretty active at work and split my time between sitting at my desk and getting in on the action in the production facility. It lasts all day long.”

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