Sensitive Skin? No Problem.

You finally decide to make the switch to from your old deodorant to an aluminum free one, only to find your armpits feeling rashy, irritated and bumpy weeks or months later. How frustrating! What gives?

A solution for sensitive skin

You may have sensitive skin, or a sensitivity to baking soda. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of our deodorant, so we developed a baking soda-free, sensitive skin formula (and it's vegan too!). Like our Original Formula, we stay true to our promise of staying fresh with less. Only the simplest set of ingredients go into our sensitive skin sticks.

The key is in the ingredients

For maximum, but gentle deodorizing, we swapped the baking soda for magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide is a naturally occurring mineral that's tough on odor, but has a gentle pH. Unlike baking soda, it doesn't directly impact the dermis, the layer of skin where sweat glands, pores and hair follicles are contained. While Magnesium hydroxide doesn't absorb into the skin, it still successfully combats any odor-causing bacteria. 

To make this formula vegan, we replaced beeswax with wild-harvested candelilla wax. Non-GMO corn starch keeps your underarms dry, while fractionated coconut oil moisturizes.

Find your scent

Our Vegan & Sensitive Skin formula is available in the following scents (with more always in development).

Mountain Lavender Sensitive Skin
Mountain Lavender

Bergamot and ginger sensitive skin

Bergamot & Ginger


Palo Santo and Frankinsense Sensitive Skin

Palo Santo & Frankincense


Simply unscented sensitive skin

Simply Unscented


So go ahead and pick out a stick from our Vegan Sensitive Skin line. Your armpits will thank you!

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