The Aromatherapy Benefits of Sage

New Mexico is an enchanting land filled with mountains, desert, green chiles, and miles and miles (and miles) of Sagebrush.

Sage has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for a variety of practical, medicinal, and spiritual purposes. Often considered sacred, sage has a powerful aromatic energy. Historically, the Greeks and Romans collected and stored large amounts of sage and produced essential oil through steam distillation for use in temples and monuments.

With over 900 varieties of this plant, sage has been considered a valuable ingredient and scent in ancient medicine and spiritual practice. Its aroma is uplifting to the senses and has been thought to even ease an unfavorable mood. The scent of sage oil has been said to cerebrally stimulate and balance the mind and emotional body. Slightly minty with an earthy tone, sage has a warmth and herbaceousness that is aromatically grounding and purifying.

Holding New Mexico sagebrush

Inspired by the wild Sage that grows here in New Mexico, we researched to find the perfect “true” sage to formulate our Lemongrass & Sage scent. True sage is different from the Artemisia family - the wild grown version you see across our vast high desert landscape. We steered clear of using the oil of the endangered White Sage, commonly used in the practice of smudging and other rituals, and found another sage of the Salvia genus for our products, Salvia Officinalis. This essential oil gives our final scent a less peppery and more delicate aroma.

Woman holding Lemongrass and Sage deodorant

We incorporated sage as an ingredient in our Lemongrass & Sage deodorant and our Lemongrass & Sage scented Comfort Bar to not only honor our New Mexican roots, but also to provide a soft, nurturing quality to an already subtle scent combination.

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