Unlocking the Healing Powers of Sage

New Mexico is an enchanting land filled with mountains, desert, green chiles, and miles and miles (and miles) of Sagebrush. From being a staple in cooking to being used in traditional medicine, sage has proven to be a versatile herb with many healing properties. Often considered sacred, sage has a powerful aromatic energy. One of the lesser-known uses of sage is its aromatherapy benefits.

In this blog post, we will dive into the various ways in which sage can be used for its therapeutic effects and why we love its aroma for our lemongrass and sage-scented products. So, let's unlock the healing powers of sage and discover its potential for promoting overall well-being.

A pile of dried sage leaves

Background on Sage

With over 900 varieties of this plant, sage has been considered a valuable ingredient and scent in ancient medicine and spiritual practice1. Historically, the Greeks and Romans collected and stored large amounts of sage and produced essential oil through steam distillation for use in temples and monumentsHolding New Mexico sagebrush

What Does Sage Smell Like?

Slightly minty with an earthy tone, sage has a warmth and herbaceousness that is aromatically grounding and purifying. Sage’s aroma is uplifting to the senses and even has been thought to ease an unfavorable mood.

Woman holding Lemongrass and Sage soap and deodorant

Choosing the Perfect Sage for Our Products

Inspired by the wild sage that grows here in New Mexico, we researched the perfect “true” sage to formulate our Lemongrass & Sage scent. True sage is different from the Artemisia family sage—the wild grown version you see across our vast high desert landscape. We steered clear of using the oil of the endangered White Sage, commonly used in the practice of smudging and other rituals, and found another sage of the Salvia genus for our products, Salvia officinalis. Essential oil from salvia officinalis gives our final scent a less peppery and more delicate aroma.

Steaming essential oil diffuser on a charcoal background

Aromatherapy Benefits of Sage

The earthy and herbal aroma of sage is like a soothing balm for your senses, at once calming and refreshing. That’s exactly why we chose it, alongside bright and citrusy lemongrass, for our Lemongrass & Sage Deodorant, Lemongrass & Sage Soap, and Comfort Bar. It is believed by many that the aromatics from sage essential oil promote mental clarity, ease anxiety, and uplift the mood. In fact, research is on-going around salvia officinalis’s potential cognitive-enhancing and protective effects2.

Man holding Lemongrass and Sage soap and deodorant

Incorporate Sage into Your Daily Rituals

Incorporating sage into your routine can be as simple as lighting a sage-scented candle while you meditate or diffusing sage essential oil while you’re in the bath. Take your self-care rituals a step further with our sage-scented products. Enjoy subtle wafts of lemongrass & sage in the shower or bath with our soap, throughout the day with our deodorant, or as you soothe your soul with our comfort bar.

The sage in our products not only honors our New Mexican roots, but also provides a soft, nurturing quality to an already divine scent combination.

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