Palo Santo & Frankincense Vegan
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Palo Santo & Frankincense Vegan
vegan & sensitive skin

Palo Santo & Frankincense Vegan

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For the Mystic Experience Donavon Frankenreiter’s Signature Scent! Sensual and woodsy aromatics with a hint of sweet tonka bean. This unique scent is so alluring you’ll want to reapply all day, even though you won’t need to. 

No Aluminum, or alcohol, dyes, parabens, baking soda, or artificial fragrance. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Simple Ingredients
• Fractionated Coconut Oil
• Non-GMO Corn Starch
• All-Natural Magnesium Hydroxide
• Wild-Harvested Candelilla Wax
• High Quality Essential Oils

Also Available:
Original Formula
CBD Formula


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Aluminum Free

Cruelty Free

100% Gentle

Baking Soda

sensitive skin vegan deodorant for men

100% vegan

Gentle On Skin, Baking Soda Free

baking soda free deodorant

4 Simple Ingredients

Plus 100% Pure Essential Oils

whatever you do

Yes! It Really Works

fresh natural deodorant
essential oil blends

essential oil blends

Perfectly Subtle Natural Scents

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dominick DeGennaro
Great product!

The deodorant works really well. Sometimes I can even skip a day. The scent is earthy and is subtle, for me. I love it and would recommend.

Sophia C
Rashes and Stains

My husband and I tried both the normal version of this deodorant and the sensitive formula. We LOVED the smell, however, it gave me an awful and blistering rash that I can't seem to get rid of even after I discontinued use. It also stained and yellowed the armpits of my husband's shirts. We really did want to continue using this product, however, needless to say, we both had to stop.

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear you experienced this and am wondering if you might have a sensitivity to the essential oil blend. I'd be happy to send you a stick of our most gentle Sensitive Unscented Formula, if you'd like. Feel free to reach out if this is something you'd be interested.

As far as shirt-staining goes, we've found that it can occur more frequently when the product is over-applied and doesn't fully absorb into the skin. Less is truly more with our products and we recommend 2-3 swipes to stay fresh all day and rubbing in any excess with your fingertips.

A natural stain removal technique we love is soaking the affected part of the garment in distilled vinegar and baking soda. This method works best before the garment has been laundered.

Again, I appreciate your feedback and am happy to help in any way!

Carol Weiser
Love this!

I really appreciate the fact that this deodorant is totally safe to use with no bad chemicals.
I love the smell, it is clean and refreshing. I won’t buy any other brand. This is the best deodorant that I have ever used.!!

Anisa Boerger
Exceeded my hopes where all others failed!

I have tried at least 6 other natural deodorants. Most gave me a rash and terribly itchy armpits. Most didn’t work effectively for odor control. Some failed on both fronts. I thought I was doomed to just... kinda... smell.

But then I found this deodorant in a sample size at my local health shop and thought, “what the hell?” It only had 4 ingredients and cost $4. I figured I had nothing to lose, and if I had a reaction, it might be a lot easier to narrow down the allergen/culprit.

Instead, and I don’t mean to overstate this, I fell in LOVE. I smell my pits throughout the day because they smell that good! I love the scent, the odor control lasts 24 hours for me, and no irritation whatsoever!! I am a customer for life. If you’ve tried everything else like I have, please try this.

Brianne Blaisdell
The only deodorant that works for me!

I love this deodorant so much. It’s the only deodorant that really works for me! I sweat a lot so battling the odor has always been a struggle, but this one makes it easy. Plus, love that it’s natural and vegan!

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