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palo Santo and frankincense natural deodorant ingredients
palo Santo and frankincense natural deodorant ingredients
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Original Formula

Palo Santo & Frankincense

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For the Mystic Experience Donavon Frankenreiter’s Signature Scent! Sensual and woodsy aromatics with a hint of sweet tonka bean. This unique scent is so alluring you’ll want to reapply all day, even though you won’t need to.

4 Simple Ingredients

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Non-GMO Corn Starch
  • All-Natural Baking Soda
  • Beeswax
  • High Quality Essential Oils

Nothing Bad

  • No aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial fragrance
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Proud partners of 1% for the Planet

Directions for Use

Gently apply 2-3 swipes to your underarms and rub in any excess. A little goes a long way - this much should last you all day.


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    Natural deodoerant palo santo scent ingredients

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    Just Simple Natural Ingredients

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    all natural deodorant original formula ingredients

    whatever you do

    Yes, It Really Works!

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    All Natural Subtle Scents

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 135 reviews
    No more stinky pits

    I had used Axe Phoenix antiperspirant for ten years and was starting to get stinky pits. It would smell like BO when I would wear it. I bought this deodorant not knowing much about natural deodorants but just hoping for something to work. I sweat a lot, but it doesn't tend to smell. With this deodorant, my pits no longer stink! I work as an ICU nurse and if I'm doing physical work for a prolonged time, then I start to sweat through this deodorant and feel wet. So it works for no stinky smell but less for keeping you dry, which is what I liked about my old antiperspirant. I love how this one smells and now my husband has started using it too! When you launder clothes and there is this deodorant's residue on the pits of the sleeves--- it won't really wash off in the washing machine. The gumminess will come off but the whitish/gray color stays on your clothes. It's a little annoying but not super noticeable. This deodorant feels a little grainy when you first put it on, I have found a way around this by just holding the end of it against my armpit before rolling it to allow it to warm up and moisten first, this helps. Overall happy with this deodorant and will likely continue to use it for a very long time!

    Love this brand

    This is by far the best deodorant we have ever purchased

    Quality Palo Santo Natural Deodorant

    This is a great smelling, quality natural deodorant. So far I have not experienced any bumps, rash or discoloration to my armpits. For me, it only lasts about 24 hours unless I reapply it. This seems to be the case with most natural deodorants. Of all that I have tried to date the Humble brand is the only one I have repurchased due to its quality and, for a natural product, reasonable pricing. I just purchased several of the 'mini' so I can try other scents, but Palo Santo will always be my standard.


    Hands down the best natural d.o I've come across and I have tried them all. If you love to burn palo santo this scent is for you. It smells just like the scared wood. I hope humble expands their products eventually. I would buy this scent in body wash, body lotion, body get the gist. Costumer service is top notch as well.

    The best

    I have gotten more compliments on how good I smell from this deodorant, than my body spray

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