Taos Lore: The Legend of the Taos Hum

As the chill in the air grows colder and the dwindling leaves turn from green to orange and red, our unofficial “Hum”ble Brands Taos tour guide, Marisa, discusses one of the town’s most bizarre and spooky phenomena, The Taos Hum.

Do you hear that? Yeah, me neither... Yet about 2% of people in the Northern New Mexican town of Taos hear a constant, mysterious noise that no one quite understands. Some describe this never-ending buzz as the low rumble of a distant diesel truck idling. Others hear no sound but experience a consistent vibration along with other symptoms like headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Sunset sage in Taos New Mexico

But what causes some people to be nearly driven crazy by this strange and inexplicable droning sound and others to hear nothing? And why Taos? Though people around the world, sometimes referred to as “hummers”, have reported similar experiences, the issue was so prevalent in Taos in the ‘90s that an investigation was performed after a multitude of complaints reached Congress. Unfortunately, a lack of funding led cut the investigation short and no solid evidence or logical explanations ever manifested.

Many have speculated about The Hum, blaming it on stoned hippies, mystifying energy fields, government conspiracies, underground UFO bases, and nearly everything in between. However, some research did reveal that the “hummers” were not describing a single, identifiable noise but were each hearing different sounds unique to their own experience. This begs the question... Is the Taos Hum real or just a figment of peoples’ imaginations? There’s no doubt that Taos IS a laid-back, creative community with a myriad of eccentrics and artists alike, but is there more to this phenomenon?

Adobe house with woman

I have personally never heard The Taos Hum, and quite honestly hope that I never do as it seems like a maddening experience that would have one questioning their own sanity. What I have experienced is more of a feeling than a sound; a feeling of alluring, venerable energy from a diverse land immersed in culture and breathtaking beauty.

Rio Gorge Bridge

We’re happy to call this special place the home of Humble Brands. Most of our team lives here and works at our headquarters in town, where we make all of our products with love and care. So that’s the real buzz about Taos! It’s our HUMble home and we’re grateful to be a part of the community with all of its beauty, eccentricity, and lore.

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