Mountain Lavender
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Mountain Lavender
Original Formula

Mountain Lavender

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Strong All Day

High elevation lavender delivers just-picked freshness and sweet herbaceous aromatics. Beloved for its calming effects, lavender has a rich history as a medicinal and culinary herb. Our rendition is a clean, bright, full-bodied scent that lives up to its legacy and brings the good vibes daily. No aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial fragrance. 100% Cruelty-Free.

Simple Ingredients
• Fractionated Coconut Oil
• Non-GMO Corn Starch
• All-Natural Baking Soda
• Beeswax
• High Quality Essential Oils


4 Simple Ingredients

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Non-GMO Corn Starch
  • All-Natural Baking Soda
  • Beeswax
  • High Quality Essential Oils

Nothing Bad

  • No aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial fragrance
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • Proud partners of 1% for the Planet

Directions for Use

Gently apply 2-3 swipes to your underarms and rub in any excess. A little goes a long way - this much should last you all day.


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    We Keep it Simple

    Our high performance all natural deodorant for men and women is made with the cleanest, most effective set of ingredients. No aluminum, talc, parabens, funky chemicals, or synthetic fragrances. 100% body-friendly, & cruelty free!

    Aluminum Free

    Cruelty Free

    Made with
    Essential Oils

    1% For The Planet

    aluminum free deodorant

    4 Simple Ingredients

    Plus 100% Pure Essential Oils

    yes! it really works

    Feel Fresh, Whatever You Do...

    fresh natural deodorant


    essential oil scents

    crafted with essential oils

    All Natural, Subtle, Uplifting Scents

    Love Humble!

    My all-time favorite deodorant scent, hands down. And definitely the smoothest application and longest-lasting scent (while never overpowering).

    Eric M.

    My Fabulous Favorite

    I cannot believe i used anything else. The scent, the smoothness, the all day fresh. It’s the best relationship with a deodorant I’ve ever had.

    Carolyn T.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 96 reviews
    Susan Thackeray
    Smells fab and works great!

    This deodorant works better than any I've ever used and smells better BY FAR!!! I was using a $20 antiperspirant/deodorant from Kiehls that worked great but COSTS $21!!! and it certainly didn't smell like lavender. The only issue I have with the Humble deodorant is that it doesn't last very long. I don't even use it everyday and it never gets me through a month. Kiehl's lasted way longer...but, again, IT WAS $20!!! Humble is 1/2 that price and a million better smelling!! I love it!!!

    Miranda Donato
    Great Product - why in plastic?

    Love this product. Can’t wrap my head around why it’s in such thick plastic tho. Other brands have moved to biodegradable packaging…

    Denise Casey
    Great product!

    #1 go-to when it comes to deodorants. Finally a product with good ingredients that smells good and works!

    Latrice Johnson
    Good product

    I just switched from my regular Secret deodorant to Humble and I like it so far. I notice that when I sweat I smell much better with Humble than I did with Secret, but the smell is still a little weird to me. Maybe it’s because my body is still in the process of adjusting to a natural deodorant... but the smell after a while does not smell like lavender. Its not a bad smell, but it’s not a smell I like either. This deodorant can also get a bit messy on clothes and just the armpit in general when you wear it or if you’re sweating. Other than like I really like this brand and I look forward to trying other scents to see which one fits me best.

    Jennifer Kuenzler
    I’ll never go back to my old deoderant

    Works great smells great. Nice to know I can finally detach from harmful aluminums with a great product. Thank you.

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