Donavon Frankenreiter

This guy walks on waves.

Our beloved Palo Santo & Frankincense scent was created for, and is inspired by musician, surfer, father and life-lover, Donavon Frankenreiter. To understand the scent, you've got to know more about this amazing man.

Donovan is about as soulful as they come. His easy-going style and feel-good tunes have inspired dreamers and free spirits around the world for decades.

Growing up, Donavon spent his days surfing the Southern California coastline. He turned pro at just 16 and moved to Hawaii. He traveled the globe as a professional surfer but eventually found another love– music. After playing with a local rock band in his teens, he launched a solo career in 2002 and even started his own record label.

Donavon inspires us with his joie de vivre, his continual desire to grow and change, and his irrepressible laid back style. He's just so Humble!

Shooting the breeze with Donavon

Why do you love Humble Brands?
All natural amazing products - what’s not there to love!

What inspires you to stay humble?
Staying humble creates a wealth of opportunities.

Describe your perfect day.
All day on the beach with my family.

What's next for you?
Making music - surfing - and trying to have as much fun as possible.

What inspired your scent & why do you think these aromatics resonate so positively with people?
I love the scent of Palo Santo -I was introduced to it many many years ago in Peru and always wanted to do something with it. When I met Jeff from Humble and he said let’s do a scent together this first thing I thought of was palo santo-I never met anyone that didn’t like that scent.

Palo Santo Frankencense deodorant

chill baby, chill

Donavon's Signature Scent