What Makes Humble Better

"No harmful ingredients and lasts all day!" - Kevin H.

Conventional beauty products can contain harmful chemicals that disrupt our body’s natural functions. Many “natural” deodorants have an ingredient list that is long and confusing, resulting in products that agitate skin and fail to control odor. At Humble Brands, we’re committed to using the simplest, cleanest, most effective set of ingredients out there. And they smell great too.

the truth stinks

the skin under our arms is extra absorbent

The American Journal of Public Health published a report showing that nearly 100% of what we put on our armpits is absorbed into our body. And recent studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association are proving that harmful ingredients can enter our bloodstream after just one use. We don't use clean, all-natural ingredients because it's trendy. We do it because clean ingredients are not only safe to use day to day but also really effective at neutralizing odor.

nothing bad ever

"This truly works a million times better than regular deodorant!" - Valery F.

Saying goodbye to icky chemicals doesn't mean saying goodbye to staying dry and B.O. free. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Unlike conventional deodorants that mask body odors, our safe, effective ingredients work hard to balance your body's bacteria naturally and prevent smelling pits. Plus, our deodorants are made with the fewest ingredients on the market - ingredients that are always aluminum-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free.

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