Wellness Roundup May 26th: How to Fight Skin Inflammation

Can you believe it’s Friday again? And this isn’t just any old Friday, why, it’s the Friday before a three-day weekend! The only Friday that’s better is perhaps the one before Christmas. Considering Christmas is still 7 months away, it’s fair to be very excited about this three-day weekend. Let’s celebrate by taking a break from the pressures of the world, turning inward a bit, and taking a personal inventory with this week’s wellness roundup.

As always, we’re breaking down the latest trends in the following categories:

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Skin inflammation is rough. Pun sort of intended. The last thing we want to deal with in the summer months is our bodies looking more swollen. Inflammation is a good thing in the sense that it means your body is working, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try it to keep it contained. Here’s how to fight skin inflammation.


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Would you believe me if I told that you that what you see above you is made of mushrooms? It’s true! Reishi is a little piece of ancient (perhaps magical) Chinese medicine. Reishi does so many good things that you won’t even feel bad for drowning it in chocolate with this recipe.


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All that hula hooping you did as a kid is finally going to pay off! Meet Megan, who shows us that hula hooping is a great way to stay fit. This is one of those workouts where people will walk by you and feel incredibly jealous.


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What’s your favorite summer look? It’s hard to deny the allure of the no-makeup look in the summer. The whole “I just woke up like this, let’s go to the beach and have fun” look that embodies the easy-going style of summer. Here’s a guide to perfect the look.


Healthy Weight Gain

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It may be time to gain a little weight. Yes, you heard correctly! The image you see above is a before/after transformation of someone who gained weight. Here’s the thing about muscles: they weigh more than fat! So if you’re working out, and the scale doesn’t seem to reflect your work, don’t be discouraged! It just means fat is turning to toned muscle. Read more about it here.