Wellness Roundup July 14th: Recovering From the Post-Vacation Blues

Welcome back to the wellness roundup! We apologize for missing last week. You know how it is with 4th of July plans. What matter is that we’re back, and it’s time to gather around the wellness bonfire once again, and take some time for our health. Some of us may be feeling the post-vacation blues, so now may be a great time to refresh!

As always, we’re breaking down the wellness roundup into 5 categories:

  • Beauty
  • Try
  • Move
  • Make
  • How-to

Let’s begin.


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This will probably sound familiar if you’ve been following Humble. We’re passionate about arm pits! This article gives more tips about detoxing your arm pits.


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Essential oils just got more magical. These new blends of “uppers” and “downers” provide the right kind of energy, for your mood and balance. Check out what oils would go best with your mood.


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As a rule of thumb, we tend to avoid articles that talk about secret things that some entity “wants you to know.” However, this is different. These 9 gym rules can help you feel more comfortable at the gym, and get a better work out.


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You know how everybody has a certain Disney movie that they claim from their childhood. For all my ladies out there who love the Little Mermaid, this mask is for you. Inspired by mermaids, this face mask makes for glowing skin.


Making your home a happy place is really so important. I mean, the world is hard enough, your home should be a place where you can relax, feed off the good vibes, and reenergize. This is a great 3-step plan for creating a home you want to spend time in.