Wellness Roundup 5/5

As the weeks fly by, there’s one thing you can always count on: the wellness roundup. Every week, we’re breaking down the latest trends in wellness. Let’s be honest, who likes scavenging the internet for health trends? Okay, honestly we do. But you don’t have to! Just read this.

As always, we’re breaking down wellness trends in the following categories:

  • How-to
  • Try
  • Move
  • Beauty
  • Make



Image credit: The Chalkboard Mag

Nutrition labels can be tricky. Usually they include ingredients with names so long that it would take a college biology professor to pronounce them correctly. This guide helps a great deal in understanding what you’re buying at the grocery store.



Can you feel the energy in the air? The month of May kicks off the summer months and there’s just a different mood in the world. Suddenly working out in the mornings and evenings is a somewhat realistic endeavor! Check out this rad workout calendar that can help you take advantage of the season!


Sometimes a really good video can make all the difference in finding the motivation to work out. Check out this series from Tone It Up that does a great job pumping you up to achieve the coveted bikini body status. Or at least to keep trying!


Image credit: Well+Good

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were to stop washing your face? I mean, the worst moment of everyday is when you’re super tired, and realize you should wash your face before going to bed. So, what would life be like without having to do that all the time? Learn about it here!


Image credit: Eat, Live, Run

The other thing about May is that it’s often very hot. Of course the temptation is always to eat a bucket of ice cream as a summer dessert, but don’t do it (unless you really want to)! Besides, these blueberry frozen yogurt pops are as delicious as any ice cream. They’re seriously very good.