Wellness Roundup May 19th: Cauliflower Smoothies

Welcome back to another wellness roundup. It’s Friday. We’re happy, you’re happy, let’s talk about our heath while we’re feeling happy. You know the drill, every week we’re breaking down the latest in wellness in five different categories.

  • How-to
  • Try
  • Move
  • Beauty
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Let’s do it.


A lot of the popular diets these days involve hard-boiled eggs in some way. I mean, the non-vegans out there got to get their protein somehow. Well, anybody who has made hard-boiled eggs knows how weirdly hard they are to peel. This guide will help you peel hard-boiled eggs without absolutely destroying them.


Photo credit: Popsugar

You know that feeling when you do the perfect stretch and the perfect time. Usually it comes with an audible grown that make the people around you somewhat uncomfortable. But you don’t care – that stretch was amazing! Here are 35 stretches for rest days, recovery, self-care and more.


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Lifting weights is intimidating. It just is. What if you try to lift something that’s too heavy and your arms fall off? I mean, it’s probably happened to someone, right? Still, you can’t argue with the results when lifting weights turns stubborn fat into toned muscle. Here is some very nice info on making weight lifting a better experience.


Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Do you know how every time you go to a party and see a girl in a dutch braid and you’re totally jealous. Been there. The thing about Dutch braids is that they look crazy intense and hard to do, but it’s not! In fact, you just might find the process of Dutch braiding to be weirdly therapeutic. Here’s your guide to killer Dutch braids.


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Have you heard any chatter recently about cauliflower smoothies? Well, we tried it, and we can second what is said here. We’re not going to spoil it – you’re just going to have to read it and find out if cauliflower smoothies are the next big thing!