Wellness Roundup 4/7

Welcome to the Wellness Roundup! Pull up a chair, sit around our word-fueled bonfire, and get comfortable. We’re talking about the latest trends in natural living for this week. Human kind hasn’t reached nirvana yet, which means there’s more to discuss in our wellness journeys.

Just like every week, we’ll be breaking down the week’s trend in five categories

  • How-to
  • Try
  • Move
  • Beauty
  • Make


Burning calories outside of the gym. We’re living in a dream world, right? Not according to this article! Learn how eating protein after a morning workout can keep you burning energy all day!


When’s the last time you’ve given your home a proper smudging ritual? The aroma of your home heavily influences the quality of your life. Don’t believe me? How did you feel after a bad date and the aroma of cheap cologne hung around your apartment for days on end? I rest my case.


It’s the most magical time of the year… for running. Seriously, though. After a tough day at work, there’s nothing more revitalizing than going for a spring-time jog. Of course, no run would be a complete without a dope playlist to go with it.


Every shampoo commercial you see, the actress/model always has shiny, beautiful hair. What you don’t see is all the gross chemicals gathering underneath! Which is why it’s much better to just make your own dang shampoo.


No matter what eating lifestyle you adhere to, we can all agree on one thing: guacamole is delicious. Guacamole brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy something transcendent. Except, you might be missing a key ingredient.