Wellness Roundup 4/14

Welcome to the Wellness Roundup! As always, you’re welcome to pull up a seat and sit around our word-fueled bonfire. We’re talking about the latest trends in natural living for this week. It takes a village to stay updated in the world of wellness. We’d like it if you considered us to be the village witch doctor. Or something cool like that.

Just like every week, we’ll be breaking down the week’s trends in five categories:


  • How-to
  • Try
  • Move
  • Beauty
  • Make


This week’s how-to is really focused on how to do anything. Pretty much every day has hard aspects to it, and we need all the help we can get. With the risk of sounding cheesy, when’s the last time you watched an inspirational video? It’s one of those things that you think won’t help, but somehow, someway, inspirational videos can change a frustrating day into a productive one.


Have you ever heard of an awe walk before? You may have never heard of the term, but you’ve probably experienced it before. An awe walk is all about being in a safe space, appreciating the natural beauty around you, and transcending!


Dancing. Name a workout that is more fun than dancing. Dare you to watch this video and not want to try this workout:


Hair products are difficult. Some make your hair perfectly shiny and wavy, and others make your hair become frizzy messes that would make Hermione Granger blush. We’ve tried out this Pink Salt Hairspray, and it worked pretty incredibly. Give it a try for yourself!

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess


Finding a new healthy recipe to add to your repertoire can be tricky. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with Pinterest’s billions of recipes, which is why it helps when you get personal recommendations. Consider this Ginger-Soy Slaw with Quinoa recipe our recommendation from our friends at Humble.

Photo credit: Naturally Ella