Wellness Roundup 5/12

Want to know the best part about wellness roundup? If you’re reading this, it’s probably Friday! Which is the greatest day of all. We’ve made it through another crazy week, and now finally we can look inward a little bit, and relax.

We’re breaking down the wellness trend for the week in the following categories:


  • How-to
  • Try
  • Move
  • Beauty
  • Make


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Disregard what everyone has told you – the key to eating well is meal prepping. Okay, other stuff matters too, but you won’t eat any of that good stuff if you don’t prepare! How often do you come home from work exhausted, and the Taco Bell drive through sure is sounding delicious? Effective meal prepping makes a huge difference in eating healthy throughout the week.


You may have recently heard about turmeric. It’s the miracle spice that boosts skin and fights inflammation at the same time. Well, the latest turmeric discovery is that it whitens your teeth! Which is funny, because if you’ve seen turmeric, you’d think that it would have the opposite effect on your teeth. Just check out the video:


You know that feeling when you’ve worked out, and you’re supposed to work out again this week, but your body is just not feeling it? You’re sore, tired, and working out sounds like the worst thing in the world. Well, there’s a workout for that. Check out this workout that is designed to recover your body:


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Oil cleansing is amazing at removing excess oil – only problem is that it’s not good for your skin! See, the oil is so strong that it strips your complexion of natural oils, which majorly dries out your skin. This article will help you add “good” hydration to your skin after your cleansing ritual.


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At some point in history, somebody asked themself, “So why not have dessert for breakfast?” People who ask these sorts of questions are true heroes. Speaking of heroes, this recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls is incredible.