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Humble contains four to five all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce (and might, in fact, have in your own kitchen). Humble is both effective and safe, containing no aluminum or parabens while still keeping you dry and free of offensive odors. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in America. With the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, Humble is the simple solution to a stinky problem.

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Non-GMO Cornstarch
This natural ingredient is a common kitchen staple and used for its ability to absorb moisture in food. Yet we’ve found a new use for it as cornstarch also is effective at absorbing moisture collected under our armpits. This is the ingredient that helps Humble keep you dry.

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fractionated coconut oil contains powerful moisturizing properties which will make your skin happy. It is colorless and odorless, which makes it perfect for blending with essential oils allowing those scents to shines through. Naturally soothing skin, fractionated coconut oil enhances and moisturizes without clogging pores.

It moisturizes the skin, and provides that easy, glide-on feeling we all love in Humble.

All-natural Baking Soda
Of course, the most important part of a deodorant should be a deodorizer. Baking soda helps combat the smelly scents our body emits, and neutralizes the odors we create…and all without subjecting your skin to harmful and unpleasant chemicals!  Our baking soda is harvested from nature instead of being chemically produced so you know you are getting the best nature has to offer.

Essential Oil
Found in our scented varieties, essential oils provide calming and aromatic essences to Humble. Additionally, oils like lavender, cedarwood and palo santo are said to contain natural soothing and healing properties, beneficial for our minds and bodies.

* Vegan/Sensitive Skin Formula*

Our Vegan Unscented for Sensitive Skin contains four simple, vegan-friendly ingredients. In addition to Fractionated Coconut Oil and Non-GMO Cornstarch we’ve added:

Wild-Harvested Candelilla Wax 
Plant-based, vegan-friendly and nutrient-rich Candelilla Wax replaces bees wax in this formula to moisturize the skin and provide an easy and smooth application.

Magnesium Hydroxide 
We’ve replaced baking soda with magnesium hydroxide, a naturally occurring mineral with a gentle pH that minimizes potential skin irritation. Utilizing magnesium effectively neutralizes odor and optimizes magnesium delivery to the body.

Additional information

Type / Scent

Forbidden Tonka Bean, Black Spruce, Palo Santo & Frankincense, Geranium & Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Copal, Mountain Lavender, Bergamot & Ginger, Mountain Lavender & Holy Basil, Texas Cedarwood & Grapefruit, Simply Unscented, Vegan Palo Santo & Frankincense for Sensitive Skin, Vegan Mountain Lavender for Sensitive Skin, Vegan Bergamot & Ginger for Sensitive Skin, Vegan Unscented for Sensitive Skin, CBD Mountain Lavender, CBD Palo Santo & Frankincense, CBD Pine & Cedarwood, Sweet & Smoky, Sensitive Skin Trio, Fresh & Herbal, Fresh & Floral, Earthy & Grounded, Top Sellers


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43 reviews for Humble Deodorant

  1. Bianca (verified owner)

    I’ll be the first to say that I came into this with a lot of doubts. Why would something so simple work better than a popular “natural” drugstore brand? Let me tell you, simple is better.

    I got the unscented due to very sensitive skin. This is the third day of wearing it outside for hours in 103 degree heat and not needing to reapply yet still being dry and no “sweaty” smell. I will say that the formulation is a little bit sandy if you rub it between your fingers, probably due to the baking soda in it, but once it’s on you can hardly feel it.

    I’ve tried so many aluminum-free deodorants and I think I’ve at long last found the one that works for me.

    The price is a bit of a tough pill to swallow, but it’s gone above and beyond my expectations and I have to use less product to get the same results. I would recommend this product.

    Please bring in more scents soon.

  2. Melissa

    Hands down the best organic deodorant I’ve ever used! I love the lavender one.

  3. (verified owner)

    I don’t stink. Period. I tried many other natural brands but always went back to my fully loaded with toxins, man powered, antiperspirant/deodorant because I smelled so bad.
    I have Lyme disease and it’s crucial that my body use every avenue available to detox. I still sweat (thank goodness!) but, I don’t stink. Thank you, Humble!

  4. Sovanneary

    This deodorant works great! No smelly pits!

    I love being able to look at the ingredients list without having to google what half of the ingredients are. Please make more products 🙂

  5. Lady Tee🍸 brooks

    I guess for me I’m on the look out for an all natural deodorant that won’t make me sweat!!!! That’s my issue! I’ve tried brands from, Native, Schmidt, and Tom’s and although they are all great products I still perspire 🙁 I just purchased this Humble brand and although I don’t stink It doesn’t control perspiration.

  6. Emily

    Found this at Tj Maxx. I’m in love with it. I work as a personal trainer and I’m very active and I need a sensible and powerful deodorant. Stumbled on this gem and people even say I smell great, thinking I’m just wearing a woodsy perfume. I sweat a lot, but I smell so good 🙂 the dry down by the end of the day is sweet and woodsy whereas earlier in day you can smell more of the Palo Santo. I will only buy Humble moving forward.

  7. Erica Szaztmaerie

    I stumbled across this at TJ Maxx whilst getting a few items. Obviously it was much lower in price. I thought the scent was really unique. So I purchased it…best natural deoderant hands down!! I have tried other brands like Primal Pit Paste and Smidts (not spelled correctly but you should know the product) All were complete let downs. Humble Brands I am a customer for life

  8. Emily G.

    I am a total convert.

    As a Jewish woman with eastern european heritage, my risk for Breast Cancer is quite high… but using Humble products helps me feel like I am introducing fewer toxins into my body and taking a step to decrease my risk of disease. I smell great, feel clean and am taking an important step for my health. Thank you.

  9. Sally B. (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff last fall on the island of Kauai through a mutual friend. Jeff was very generous in giving me several samples of his Humble deodorant. I was instantly hooked. Living in Texas I am exposed to a lot of heat and humidity. I can honestly say I have never used a better deodorant that works in this climate. It stands above all of them, from the natural to the commercial brands. It is truly the best deodorant I have ever used. Thank you, Jeff, for creating an outstanding product that outperforms its competitors and is not harmful to our bodies!

  10. Jasmine C.

    I finally decided to make the switch to a natural/clean deodorant. Humble was the 5th brand I bought to try, and I’m so glad I did. Before Humble, all the other brands caused my pits to itch, burn, go red, you name it. Although I have sensitive skin, I thought I was “detoxing” and these symptoms would go away. After a month of trying different natural brands, I was starting to give up. For a whole week I was using NO deodorant, and my skin cleared up. I thought, I will start fresh maybe I can narrow the ingredient that was causing these symptoms (trial and error). I came upon Humble and low and behold…NO rash, burn, itchiness whatsoever!! I want to THANK YOU for a product so simple, so clean even people like me, with sensitive skin can use and not worry about all the crap going in your pits.

    Now my question is, how can I get this product in Canada on the
    regular?? I need it in my life!

  11. Bonnie S.

    I’m so glad that I tried your deodorant! I picked it up at
    a local store, as I’m always up for trying natural products, and I’m
    pleasantly surprised at how well this works! Like yourself and
    others, I’ve tried other natural products, but they didn’t work, or
    they burned my underarms. So I’m very pleased with my purchase and will not hesitate to purchase again. THANK YOU for having such a great product!

  12. Milani Noes

    The best deodorant ever! My fiance got me into using all natural deodorants, however I did not care for his drugstore brand natural deodorant. The Humble brand deodorant with their 5 simple ingredients definitely was better than his drugstore brand! I feel fresh all day and have a piece of mind that I am not subjecting my body to harmful metals and toxins that non-natural deodorants have.

    Love love love Humble!

  13. Sonia

    I bought the lavender scent at Marshalls just because I ran out on my dove at home. Never tried any all natural deodorants. This is by far my fave. I teach and when I raise my arm I smell my fresh citrusy pit, its awesome! My bf actually put his face in my pit and said he loved it too. Long lasting too!

  14. Megan Younger

    I found the lavender and holy basil at a TJ maxx here in Arkansas. I am always skeptical, no regular or natural deodorant has worked except for Schmidts. I love this scent and I don’t smell. I have always had an issue with the stank and this stuff makes me super happy and much more confident. It is a bit pricey. Thank you!!

  15. Lindsay Marceaux

    Love this deodorant! I was pretty skeptical about switching to a natural deodorant because I have always used other aluminum based deodorants and I didn’t know if it was going to work. I was on the search for a different deodorant that had simple ingredients and luckily I picked this up at Marshall’s one day and fell in love! This is honestly an amazing product! Not only am I staying dry, but I also smell fresh at the end of the day! I will continue to purchase this product from now on! It is definitely worth the money! Love this product so much! If you haven’t tried this deodorant you definitely should pick this one up! You won’t regret it!

  16. Vanessa

    Oh man, this product blew me out of the water. I’d never been able to find a natural, aluminum free, CF deodorant that didn’t either a) not work, b) irritate my skin, c) didn’t cost an arm and a leg, or d) all of the above. Came across this deodorant by chance while out one day, and thought “why not, I’ll give it a shot”, as I was still experimenting to try and find the perfect deodorant. I was drawn in by the fact that it was “humble”, the packaging was cute, the scent was nice, and I loved that there were no dyes or anything typically “bad” that you might find in a deodorant. And boy, was that a good choice. I’m not above admitting that I can get smelly at times, and even “normal” deodorants with aluminum and all of that other gunk in them couldn’t always handle that. THIS however?? Does, and does so better than I ever could have expected. I can work all day, head to the gym, run, and I still won’t be able to detect a whiff of anything other than the nice and subtle scent of this deodorant. And that’s without reapplying. It doesn’t bother my skin at all, rather, it soothes it, and I’ve noticed that my shaving irritation and darkness has all but vanished since making the switch over to this. I seriously can’t sing its praises enough, again mainly because I’d kind of given up hope on ever being able to find a natural deodorant that was truly worth its salt, so I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I found this beauty. I’m a firm believer that less is more now, and that the people behind this deodorant are also wizards. I’ve been able to go DAYS without reapplying before. Keep in mind, since I’ve seen it mentioned, this is a DEODORANT, not an antiperspirant, so you will still sweat, but honestly, I’m fine with that. We’re supposed to sweat. I’ve never much cared to stop it. Just know what to expect when buying this, don’t get it expecting it to make you stop sweating (as it seems some have).
    I do have one small complaint, which is that it will leave deodorant marks on dark clothes if you’re not careful when putting shirts on, esp tight ones. Not the end of the world at all, and not enough for me to dock any points from this, given how amazingly it works and the fact that I can grab a washcloth and scrub any deo marks off in a minute and it’s good to go. I also wish that this was truly vegan, like the unscented one, and didn’t have beeswax, as I do like the scent, but will be using the unscented vegan one from here on out, and from what I can tell, it works just as well. But, long story short, new holy grail deo that ticks just about all of the marks for me.

  17. Sharon

    I saw positive reviews. Purchased mine at TJ Maxx. The honest to God worst deodorant I’ve tried. Smells wonderful, it does. The oils and wax in it totally destroyed one pajama top and one shirt. My tops look like I’m sweating after a couple hours but in reality I didn’t physically sweat. They look like I did a 25 mile race on foot and biked another. The under arms are stained like they are wet . The fact is they are gooey sticky. I ordered de-sol-it online to try to get the stain out as other stain removers can’t. I’m so disappointed but a bit annoyed I ruined my PJS ($29.00) ruined my top (21.00)and spent $14.99 for the cleaner on top of the $5.99 I bought the deodorant. A very expensive try out for me . I wouldn’t recommend.

  18. Jennifer

    I have used many different brands of natural deodorant including Native and Schmidt’s. The Humble works best for me and didn’t break my skin out. I also don’t have a smell like I did with regular deodorants and Native brand.

  19. KD

    I love the patchouli, copal & frankincense scent. It is light and not overwhelming. The deodorant works great through 90+ degrees and workouts. My clothes look way better than some comparative natural deodorants. It doesn’t leave a gummy sticky residue. Totally worth a try.

  20. Maddie Jones

    love this deodorant, works great and smells great as well. However, the waxy texture makes it stick to every clothing and leave mass amounts of residue on my clothing and bras. Not sure if it’s the deodorant or my arm pits but they have started to burn and hurt after about 2 weeks of use so use with caution

  21. Marie

    I love Humble! I was using regular brands that continually stopped working & came across Humble at TJ Max. Love this deodorant & it works great!

  22. Nature Mama

    Like a few others I got mine at TJMaxx, and it was out of desperation. It was the Palo Santo Frankenscense and Vanilla w/250 mg CBD. I’ve been using natural deodorants for about 5 yrs now. It can be a hit or miss, but nothing that really keeps the odor for 6 hours. I live in Idaho and this summer it was dry and hot 89-100 F. What I’ve been using was not working and I was scared. I was planning a summer casino trip to the Nevada dessert and I was really worried that what I was using was not going to hold up. All I can say is WOW. I was riding a crowded shuttle most of the day, and a few times there was no seats and I had to stand in the aisle and hold the straps which means that my arms would be lifted. I went through the whole day and this didn’t fail. It has to be the CBD and the formulation. No oiliness, no funky perfume + BO, no gritty mess, no rash. It was pleasant and comfortable.

  23. Patricia

    Made me break out ( under arm pits skin rash) really bad. I used the lavender one, I think, the package is of purple color. Gave to my husband to use and it did the same thing too.

  24. Amanda (verified owner)

    I also purchased my humble with cbd in lavender scent at tj maxx. I’ve tried Schmidt’s and native and they both made me break out after a while. So I went to a cream deodorant I have to apply with my fingers. Which is fine but I wanted a stick. I tried the humble on a whim bc i liked the ingredients. And it really does work, i haven’t had any of the waxy issues some have reported, but I’m also used to natural deodorants st this point. My only issue was after a few weeks, just like with Schmidt’s and native is I began to break out in an awful itchy rash. Turns out baking soda and my underarms don’t get along. So I came here and found the vegan formula which replaces the baking soda with magnesium hydroxide and I do much better with that. I’m so excited!!! I went wirh 5 stars bc it’s a great product and not humbles fault I’m allergic!! I can’t wait to try the new product. The original formula is great if your skin isn’t super sensitive. Will review the vegan formula once it arrives!! 🙂

  25. Laura Plowman

    This is the most effective natural deodorant I have used! I can’t use formulas with baking soda and appreciate that they offer a couple scents for their sensitive formulas. I have tried numerous other brands over the past couple years, from low end to high end brands, but nothing has come close to this. And it’s one of the more affordable brands compared to a lot of the other natural brands. I appreciate the simple ingredients and vegan formula… and mostly that it works!

  26. diane

    Like many other reviewers I swear that I have tried every natural deodorant out there. I even have a small storage bin that contains all those that I’ve tried. I haven’t touched those with toxic ingredients in nearly twenty years. I too found this at TJ Maxx and the fact that it has patchouli was my reason for trying yet another brand. It’s been 3 solid weeks now of wearing this in 90+ degree temps and even when I sweat profusely I have NO odor other than a very mild scent of pathchouli. I am SOLD and so glad to know that I can order it here, even if it is much more expensive than what I found at TJMaxx. I’m thrilled!! I’m going to ship some to my daughter who laments that nothing works for her. Thanks for being my solution!

  27. Sarah Newman

    I’m wearing mountain lavender and I smell like a queen! It’s gooey and cuts down on chafing. I have sensitive, eczema prone skin and I needed something simple and effective.

  28. Amy

    I feel like I hit the jackpot with this deodorant. I was lucky enough to be in a stall next to Humble at a recent show. What a wonderful and kind group of people. They gave all of us some samples to try and I’m hooked. I, like many others, have a shelf dedicated to natural deodorants that either don’t work or make me break out. Not only does this work but it doesn’t irritate my skin and it smells wonderful. Everyone in my family is using it now. I can’t recommend it enough!

  29. Dawn (verified owner)

    This is the best deodorant I have ever had. I’m hooked for life. I have problems with sweating a lot and through my usual deoderant within 5 hours of application. Not with this. I out it on in the morning and i seriously smell incredible until the next day. I havent been sweating and I just smell wonderful. It makes me so happy. Definitely have been recommending to all of my female friends.

  30. Bibi

    I never leave reviews but I have to for this. This stuff works so well I get compliments on my deodorant. I first stumbled upon it at a Marshals in California. I use the patchouli, copal, and frankincense scented one and it works really well with my body chemistry. I don’t wear perfume and think stuff keeps away the stink and I smell great. I’m in love!

  31. Aubrey

    Only natural deodorant I’ve used (and I’ve tried a lot) that last 12+ hours in the heat, gym, running around, etc. Love it. Lavender smells great.

  32. Kim

    I LOVE this deodorant. The mountain lavender and holy basil smells DELICIOUS. I make sure to put it on right before I go rock climbing because then every time I lift my arms above my head I get a whiff of myself smelling like the most magical blend of tea and lavender 🙂 It also goes on nicely and I have to say, it’s really reassuring knowing that it’s not made of gross ingredients!

  33. SeeAsia

    I bought the Palo Santo and Lavender scent from Marshalls last week, a day before my birthday. Shopping for our trip to New Mexico!! Of COURSE we visited Taos and had I read the damn label on the deodorant stating they’re actually IN TAOS!!! I would have praised the company IN PERSON! I love it. I’m hooked and I’ll keep in mind that the wax base can cause staining but that doesn’t mean I will give a negative review because staying fresh, chemical free and smelling awesome is a positive! Thanks so much.

  34. Matt

    Bought this deodorant because I wanted to try something natural. Works really well but unfortunately has ruined a lot of my clothing due to staining from the coconut oil. Will not purchase again.

  35. Tiffany

    I found this deo by accident. I was in a store and picked it up, thinking it wouldn’t work any better than all the other natural brands I’ve tried. I was wrong! I love this deodorant. It doesn’t go on scratchy and I’m still smelling fresh after 8 hours in the FL heat and humidity. I am a customer for life as of today!

  36. Jessica Randazzo

    So at first ai didn’t think I would stick with this deodorant but I ended up ordering again and I love it. The smell is great. Only issue is if I apply too much it gets gooey on my shirts. So this is my 3rd or 4th shipment and still loving it. My only issue is I suddenly developed an itchy rash in my armpits. I can’t think of anything new that Im doing and it is just my armpits. I seriously hope I dont have to give up my deodorant. Has anyone else had this happen after using it for at least or 8 months? Same scent each order.

  37. Ashley Musselman

    I have super sensitive skin, especially around larger hair follicles, like armpits. Although this is sensitive skin approved, it still caused a rash for me (the only deodorant that hasn’t has harmful chemicals, unfortunately). The smell is wonderful, and this product prevented sweat much better than other natural deodorants I’ve tried. If you have skin that’s beyond sensitive, I don’t recommend.


    I’ve tried just about every natural deo out there. I had a favorite who I was very loyal to, but I feel like it just stopped working. I was at a store and found Humble. I figured I would give it a try, not really expecting much. I love patchouli and so I decided to get it. This stuff works. It’s just that simple! It’s not gritty, it doesn’t irritate my skin, it goes on clear and smooth and I don’t stink!!!! It’s amazing! I found my new company!

  39. Karen

    Best deodorant I’ve ever tried! Regular deodorants seem to mix with my body oils and produce a chemical smell. I’ve tried other naturals (Tom’s) and I still smell sweaty. Not so with Humble. I sweat a lot and still smell great at the end of a busy day. I will never use anything else. I love it! Thank you!!!

  40. Jessica Jorgensen (verified owner)

    Hi!! I just wanted to let you all know how much I absolutely love your
    deodorant ❤❤❤ I had consistently been switching between secret and
    mens deodorant trying to find one that lasted the whole day without me
    smelling…and I didn’t find one. I also have tried a couple other
    natural brands and they maybe worked for an hour or 2…I was at TJ
    maxx of all places and saw the lavender scent of your brand and was
    like what the heck, why not! I AM SO HAPPY I DID TOO!!!! I am a
    customer for life now just bought your christmas scents & can’t wait
    to get them in the mail!!!!! THANK YOU 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  41. Erin

    This stuff is AMAZING I found it at TJ max and I fell in love. My boyfriend is obsessed with it as well. I’ve bought about 4 of them the other day just to stock up. I even was told I smelled great one day by a co worker and realized later it was because of the deodorant. I have been someone who used those toxic deodorants and never had any luck because I would end up smelling worse and always had to keep reapplying. With the humble deodorant I can literally go to a 45 HIIT spin class and leave there still smelling good because of this deodorant. The only thing is i have sensitive skin and might have developed a red rash under my arm pits from one of the new scents I used but I am not going to fault this deodorant because I have sensitive skin and my boyfriend hasn’t seemed to develop any rash from it. Still going to give this 5 stars because this **** is amazing

  42. Kat

    Humble brands was a random find a while back, I usually use the Lavender or Lavender and Sage. Recently, I got the tonka bean deodorant! I immediately put it to use with a workout and still smelled great after. The aroma isn’t as strong as I expected it might be which is a good thing! So enjoyable. Thanks so much for such great deodorant that WORKS!

    • Ashley Cabulagan (verified owner)

      Great review! Thanks so much, Kat!

  43. Kayla

    WOW! – that’s it! No but seriously, I used several different natural
    deodorants in the past and couldn’t find ONE that worked for me. Plus some of the listed ingredients didn’t seem so ‘simple’. I stumbled across this AMAZING deodorant with only 4 simple ingredients and had to try it. I instantly fell in love. I have bought multiple ones to give to friends and family for them to try because I truly can’t rave enough about Humble deodorant. I even got sent a FREE deodorant from Humble because I guessed the new scent they just came out with! What a
    cool company. My support always. xoxo

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