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I just started using the Humble and it is just perfect. Smell is great too! I think you are on to something here. I am a bit of a sweaty guy, and so far, it’s great!

BB | Cupertino, CA

I’ve tried prescription strength, large brand name, and other natural deodorants and not one of them has come close to Humble. Knowing that what I’m putting on my armpits to keep them dry is safe and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients is definitely a plus. I love Humble and I’m never going back to any other deodorant!

LF | Provo, UT

I want to bathe in the lavender and holy basil deodorant. Please, at the very least, make a bar soap.


I just recently discovered your deodorant, and it is awesome! It is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever found, and I've been trying different ones for a number of years now. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.


A couple days ago I was lucky enough to stumble across humble deodorant. I used the Palo Santo & Frankincense scent for two days before I went out and bought two more scents. It stays on all day, smells SO good and feels good. There are so many natural deodorants that are so rough they physically hurt to use! This product checks every box, the years of searching for a natural deodorant that actually meets every need is over...I am sold for life!

Lynnsey | Glennwood Springs, CO

I have been diagnosed with uterine cancer and am undergoing chemo treatment. My doctor advised switching to natural deodorant. I've tried natural in the past and was always disappointed, they did not keep me dry. I did some on line research and ordered the Humble product. I love it!! It works great, I was really surprised. I just ordered more and sent to my sister so that she can make the switch too.

Denise | CA

This is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried. I’m a student nurse completing clinical hours in an emergency department. This is the only natural deodorant I’ve tried that keeps me smelling great to the end of a 12 hour shift. No need to reapply. I’m sold!

Alexa | North Conway, NH

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I absolutely love your product! I have been using the vegan unscented for over a month and nothing but positive feedback. I have tried them ALL (natural deodorants) and this is by far my favorite.

Mariella | Thousand Oaks, CA

I bought the lavender scent at Marshalls just because I ran out on my dove at home. Never tried any all natural deodorants. This is by far my fave. I teach and when I raise my arm I smell my fresh citrusy pit, its awesome! My bf actually put his face in my pit and said he loved it too. Long lasting too!


This is the best deodorant I have ever had. I’m hooked for life. I have problems with sweating a lot and through my usual deoderant within 5 hours of application. Not with this. I out it on in the morning and i seriously smell incredible until the next day. I havent been sweating and I just smell wonderful. It makes me so happy. Definitely have been recommending to all of my female friends.


You name the natural deodorant and I’ve tried it but to no avail! I was leary to try yet another brand of deodorant but took the plunge. I used it on a field trip with my PreK class to a Fair in hot 98 degree weather. My shirt was entirely wet from perspiration yet there was no smell coming from my armpits! I am a believer in this deodorant and have recommended it to two of my sisters who are recovering from breast cancer


I feel like I hit the jackpot with this deodorant. I was lucky enough to be in a stall next to Humble at a recent show. What a wonderful and kind group of people. They gave all of us some samples to try and I’m hooked. I, like many others, have a shelf dedicated to natural deodorants that either don’t work or make me break out. Not only does this work but it doesn’t irritate my skin and it smells wonderful. Everyone in my family is using it now. I can’t recommend it enough!


I’ve been trying different natural deodorants for the last 5 years. This is the best product that I’ve found so far. I love their scents, it works all day, doesn’t stain my clothes, and doesn’t irritate my skin. I’ve been using Humble for about a year and I still love it. I think finding a good natural deodorant takes experimentation, and that products are going to interact differently with everyone. This one is great for me. definitely try it out!

Janessa Z.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff last fall on the island of Kauai through a mutual friend. Jeff was very generous in giving me several samples of his Humble deodorant. I was instantly hooked. Living in Texas I am exposed to a lot of heat and humidity. I can honestly say I have never used a better deodorant that works in this climate. It stands above all of them, from the natural to the commercial brands. It is truly the best deodorant I have ever used. Thank you, Jeff, for creating an outstanding product that outperforms its competitors and is not harmful to our bodies!

Sally B
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