Posted by Humble on February 06, 2020 in New Products

Introducing Forbidden Tonka Bean

We just launched a NEW scent we can't stop raving about: Forbidden Tonka Bean. This uniquely sweet scent is derived from a small, aromatic seed (or bean) found in a tree sustainably harvested deep within the Amazon rainforest.

The flavors and aromas of this wrinkled delicacy are complex. A seductive take on tradition vanilla. That's why we've decided to try our hand at harnessing this multi-layered aromatic profile loved around the world.

Our Tonka Bean extract is derived from the seed pods of the Brazilian Dipteryx odorata tree. These trees are sacred to the local community and protected by the local government. The fallen pods are sustainably harvested by local harvesters who are paid a fair wage and are often subsidized with healthcare, clean water and fresh food. 

The tonka bean has a rich, caramel-like aroma with touches of sweetness containing notes of vanilla, cherry, almond, the faintest hint of spiced cinnamon and fresh-dried hay.

Many South American cultures consider the Tonka Bean (also known as "love beans" and "wishing beans") a good luck charm. Who wouldn't want to start out 2020 with a little extra luck?

Ninja Natalie loving her Tonka Bean deodorant.

Note for Palo Santo & Frankincense and Patchouli & Copal lovers: We no longer use vanilla in these scents due to a lack of sustainability around its sourcing. The demand for vanilla is much higher than the supply, which often results in adulterated products and can take a toll on the communities that harvest it. We’ve been seeking a suitable alternative for these top-selling scents which led us to the discovery of the amazing Tonka Bean! The scent profile is still very similar (one of our customers even referred to the Tonka Bean as a seductive take on traditional vanilla) and many of our staff members and customers like it even better than the original. We welcome your feedback and hope you love these love beans as much as we do. 

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