Posted by Humble on February 04, 2020

Colorado Cultivars: Our CBD farmers

At Humble, we are committed to consciously sourcing the highest quality raw materials and working with businesses that meet our exceptional standards for sustainability & transparency.

Throughout the research and creation of new scents and products, we continually meet new amazing companies to source our ingredients. On our journey to create a clean line of CBD products, we connected with the hardworking and knowledgeable team at Colorado Cultivars. 

Colorado Cultivars is a wholesale hemp company that sustainably grows industrial hemp. They have farms around the state of Colorado and currently have an estimated 1,500 acres under cultivation. Utilizing organic and regenerative farming practices, Colorado Cultivars aims to ensure the highest quality of domestically grown hemp products.

We use their organic CBD in our hemp deodorant line and have received incredible feedback from customers about the efficacy of these products. The CBD deodorant line comes in Mountain Lavender, Palo Santo, Pine and Cedarwood and most recently Bergamot and Ginger- check out this new scent or share with a friend or family member who is interested in the benefits of CBD. 

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