Interested in solving a stinky problem? 

Become a retailer! The industry is in need of more all-natural alternatives to the potentially risky products in the market. We are not only a safer, healthier alternative but we are one of the simplest, most effective all-natural deodorants out there.

Aluminum Free

Our bodies are designed to sweat. This process flushes out our pores, increases circulation, and detoxifies the body. We've created a deodorant that helps you smell fresh and fabulous while allowing your body to do what it was made to do.

Cruelty Free

Our "cruelty-free" symbol signifies that we never test products on animals and we're certified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free International. Instead of testing on animals, we share and test new products and scent releases with our staff, friends and family.


Parabens are typically used as a preservative and anti-bacterial. We use nature's remedies and utilize essential oils along with baking soda to control odor and leave you smelling great.

Made in USA

We craft our products in the high desert mountains of Taos, New Mexico. We value each and every team member who pours love and good intention into every product we make.

Become A Retailer

Do you want to offer your consumer a simple, all-natural alternative to the deodorants and antiperspirant on the market? Request a sample kit today!