Humble’s 4 simple ingredients were formulated in a small kitchen in San Francisco, Ca. It is now hand-crafted in the desert mountains of Taos, New Mexico. From the beginning, it had humble dreams of being a simple solution to a big problem. Its creator is dedicated to Simple & True natural ingredients that work.


Humble was born in our founder, Jeff Shardell’s kitchen in San Francisco, California. After years of testing out many natural deodorants on the market, Jeff was left feeling smelly and underwhelmed. He wanted to use the fewest ingredients possible and adapted the “less is more” mentality. Our Humble deodorant formula incorporates four base ingredients that are natural and harmless to our skin. 


Today- Humble is based out of the small high desert mountain town of Taos, New Mexico. Everything is made in-house and handcrafted in small batches, from Humble’s best-selling natural deodorants to soon-to-be fan-favorites like body washes, lotions and lip balms. We are run by people. People that are committed to creating safe, natural products. Because of that, you get a high-quality product that is made with care (in a kitchen where our team is jamming out to good music). Each and every member of our team brings a unique and vital energy. We pour love and good intention into every product that we make.