Humble’s 4 simple ingredients were formulated in a small kitchen in San Francisco, Ca. It is now hand-crafted in the desert mountains of Taos, New Mexico. From the beginning, it had humble dreams of being a simple solution to a big problem. Its creator is dedicated to Simple & True natural ingredients that work.


Deodorant has become such an intrinsic part of our daily routine, yet most people have no idea that by using it, they are introducing harmful, potent chemicals directly into their bodies everyday. After discovering that some of the most common ingredients in regular antiperspirants and deodorants have a potential link to breast cancer, lymph node cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney disease, I decided it was time for a change. I started by trying the all-natural products already on the market, but was left sweaty and smelling strongly of unnatural perfume. I took matters into my own hands and after many months and over 30 formulation attempts, Humble Brands deodorant was born!


Unlike other all-natural deodorants, Humble leaves you dry and smelling fresh but incorporates only 4 to 5 simple ingredients that are natural, organic and harmless to our skin and bodies. In addition, we are busy formulating in our test kitchen and will soon be launching new products with the same philosophy of using simple, all-natural ingredients in place of those laden with nasty and potentially harmful chemicals.